Rendezvous Over an Opulent Omakase Luncheon @ Chef's Table For Just $58

Chef's Table
Deep, rich and intoxicating tendrils of aroma permeate the air as soon as the glass door to Chef’s Kitchen swishes open, gently coaxing and beckoning you deeper within the enclave, right by where the restaurant’s skylight illuminates from the heavens on the Holy Grail of all omakases.
Chef's Table
Chef’s Table's ground-breaking edible masterpieces are skillfully created from the heat of the moment in a blaze of passion, glory and cutting edge culinary techniques. The ambrosial cuisine in Chef’s Table is always changing, ever evolving, and breaking new grounds in perpetuum; constantly finding new ways to excite and titillate all senses by interweaving a smorgasbord of exotic ingredients, creating stacked layers of multidimensional complex flavors and textures that bring the dining experience to staggering new heights.
Pushing the boundaries of gastronomy, Chef’s Table unique dining concept makes for a rather memorable and extraordinary meal, which is little wonder why it is recommended by Singapore’s Michelin guide.
Stephan Zoisl
Chef Stephan Zoisl – Founder & Director of Chef's Table
The man behind this little piece of paradise on 61 Tras Street is Founder & Director, Chef Stephan Zoisl, who has traipsed all around the world on a culinary adventure; from stoking the fire in upscale kitchens across Europe, United States and Southeast Asia, to helming the illustrious stoves at Michelin-starred restaurants of Fat Duck and Alinea.
Chef Stephan’s fervent devotion towards the culinary arts propelled his recognition in the industry, awarding him the role of Executive Head Chef at the now-defunct Novus Restaurant and Bar in Singapore. Eventually, he went out on his own with a desire to offer diners a truly bespoke palatial feast exclusive to their tastebuds, and Chef’s Kitchen was born out of fire, grit and a whole lot of love.
Lorenz Raich
Chef Lorenz Raich – Executive Head Chef of Chef's Table
Assisted by the hunky and statuesque Executive Head Chef Lorenz Raich, the dynamic duo whips up extravagant and lavish meals with their elaborate culinary style and delivers a divine experience like no other.
The cozy restaurant has a homely yet sophisticated ambiance, where seating arrangements only feature high tables with comfortable cushioned high stools. This is integral to the dining experience as each course is personally served by the chefs themselves and they find it of the utmost importance to explain each item in the intricate dish with their guests at eye level in a comfortable conversational manner in order to show their sincerity and make their guests feel welcomed.
Chef's Table
The 4-course lunch is priced at just $58/pax (only available on Friday 12pm – 3pm), with an option to make it a savory feast for an additional $10. Once you are seated, the restaurant’s hostess will hand you a thick piece of paper stock listing the 16 ingredients of the day. Run through the list of ingredients provided and simply strike off the ingredients that you may be allergic to, or rather not have featured in your meal. You may also ask the extremely accommodating staff for advice on the ingredients.
The ingredients available to us during the day of our tasting comprised of barbary duck, octopus, butternut pumpkin, black angus beef, lobster bisque, salmon trout, turkey, shitake mushroom, romanesco, guinea fowl, hokkaido scallop, duroc pork, raspberry, chocolate, mandarin orange and green tea. The list of premium ingredients is changed on a day-to-day basis depending on the freshness and availability of seasonal produce.
We did not have any allergies or aversions toward anything on the list of ingredients so we allowed Chef Stephan to freely work his magic and whisk us away on a magical gastronomical adventure full of delightful flavor sensations and surprises.
Bread Basket with Roasted Garlic Butter
Chef's Table
Before the omakase commenced, we were served an assortment of breads with roasted garlic butter on the side. The various breads were freshly baked in-house, and emanated a sweet comforting fragrance. The different selections of breads each had its own unique texture and taste; light and fluffy, crispy and crumbly, and dense and buttery, all of which paired perfectly with the aromatic roasted garlic butter that glided on smooth and velvety with a rich and slightly nutty flavor profile.
First Course – Salmon Trout
Chef's Table
Chef's Table
A luscious slab of salmon sashimi marinated with lemon juice and sea salt was butterflied down the middle, drizzled with pumpkin seed oil, and crowned with a kaleidoscopic array of pickled pumpkin, pumpkin puree, pumpkin seeds, salmon caviar, red veined sorrel leaves, and charcoal potato chips.
The salmon sashimi was extremely fresh and creamy, tinged with a slight tanginess and a clean, breezy taste of the sea from the marinate. The pumpkin seed oil gave the salmon a silky mouthfeel while imbuing the fish with a delicate smokiness. The pickled pumpkin and pumpkin puree amplified the rich and creamy texture of the salmon while imparting a sweet nectarine flavor. The pumpkin seeds and sorrel leaves brought the dish back to earth with its respective nutty and ever-green freshness. The membrane on the little spheres of salmon caviar were extremely thin, popping from the heat of our tongues, and releasing a deluge of juicy and salty goodness, and the charcoal potato chips provided the dish with a much needed contrasting crunch.
Second Course – Egg Yolk, Octopus & Jamon Iberico
Chef's Table
Chef's Table
Nestled on a fluffy pile of potato espuma and encompassed by jamon iberico ham, grilled octopus, mustard leaves, and crisp artichoke chips, the plump egg yolk, cooked in clarified butter, exploded and inundated the dish with its thick, rich and gooey liquid gold. The potato espuma was so light and fluffy, it practically dissipated in the mouth, leaving an airy whiff of earthy potatoes behind. The chunks of grilled octopus were a thing of wonder; they were supple and bouncy, yet extremely tender and packed with sweet juices. The slices of jamon iberico ham were intensely sweet, floral, earthy and nutty, with fat so soft it melted in the mouth into a smoky and salty finish. The splash of pork jus delivered a savory fatty essence to the dish. We greedily wiped up any lingering remnants of the yolk with some of the bread from the bread basket.
Third Course – Wagyu Beef Cheek
Chef's Table
Chef's Table
A thick fillet of wagyu beef cheek seductively laid on a bed of fluffy shiitake crème, resplendent in the rich wine glaze cascading off its sides, had been braised for a painstaking duration of 48 hours before being assembled with roasted king oyster mushroom, roasted banana shallot, nasturtium leaves, and leek ash.
The saporous sauce, that drenched the beef cheek, was made up of classic veal jus incorporated with wine reduction, roast vegetables and beef trimmings, which imparted a delicate, yet full-bodied and savory flavor profile. The dulcified beef cheek carried that coveted sticky and gelatinous consistency from the abundance of collagen naturally found within. It was cooked to perfection and crumbled in the mouth with a perfunctory bite which slowly melted into a beefy viscous goodness. The smooth and buttery shiitake crème wonderfully complemented the beef with its earthy and musky truffle-like flavors. The creamy richness of the beef cheek and shiitake crème was balanced out by the caustic nasturtium leaves that left a mellow wasabi flavor, which gently cut through the heavy and intense flavors of this decadent dish.
Fourth Course – Chocolate Gateau
Chef's Table
Chef's Table
This gourmet dessert was a seriously bitter-sweet indulgence with dark chocolate gateau stacked high on a thin layer of feuilletine, and served alongside a scoop of mandarin orange sorbet, wedges of freeze-dried blood orange, a web of salted caramel, and slivers of cocoa nibs chips. The chocolate gateau was abundantly thick, rich, creamy and velvety, with its feuilletine base providing a much needed crispy texture and woody nutty flavor. The piquant and zesty orange sorbet stabilized the scales on the richness of this dessert, and added an invigorating fruity freshness to the dark and heavy chocolate gateau. The cocoa nibs chips contributed to a crunchy depth that complemented the chocolate gateau and orange sorbet combination beautifully, while the intricate spatter of liquid salted caramel extended the dessert's sweetness with an interestingly sharp saltiness.
Only the best seasonal produce is procured at Chef’s Table to construct its ornate bespoke feasts, and we could practically taste the passion and devotion that goes into the food here. Chefs Stephan and Lorenz treat each dish like a fine piece of artwork, they are meticulous and immaculate towards every single minute detail; from the source of the premium ingredients all the way to its sumptuous plating.
The ingenious coalescence of the myriad of flavors and textures from the freshest produce obtained coupled with the finely attuned culinary finesse of the chefs, create staggered levels of pleasure in every course, with a symphony of mellifluous flavors playfully evolving on the palate for the diner. A Friday luncheon at Chef's Table is a truly phenomenal dining experience that will hit the spot even in gastronomy heaven.
Chef's Table
Chef's Table
Address: 61 Tras St, Singapore 079000 
Hours: Lunch: Fri 12noon – 3pm, Dinner: Tues – Sat 6pm – 12midnight
Tel.: +65 6224 4188
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