Bodacious: A Gastronomical Industrial Playground with Good Food, Live Music, and 186 Stimulating Drinks

Amidst the dreary biomedical hub of Biopolis is a clandestine haven labelled Bodacious, that punctuates the corporate concrete jungle with grungy laidback vibes and a sophisticated serene ambiance. Bodacious is a paradisaical refuge where you can escape from the crowd and the daily grind to indulge in creature comforts through its enticing Asian-European culinary offerings, the majestic eclectic waterfall of the drinks menu, and the powerful melodies of the talented live bands.
Bodacious embraces the effervescence of life. Bodacious’ chic industrial décor revitalizes the senses and puts you in the mood to have a romping good time.
Standing out in stark contrast to the shades of grey in Biopolis, this candescent gastrobar is illuminated by bright marquee lights, spot lights and swaying Edison bulbs. Its interior is stripped down to its bare essentials, raw and unabashedly naked, lightly adorned with wooden furnishings and a photo wall of old school celebrities.
In the day, the natural golden sunrays stream in from the floor to ceiling glass windows which span the entire length of the restaurant. When night falls, the darkness that engulfs the land is embraced through the crystal clear full-length windows, allowing in-doors dining and al fresco dining to meld as one with the same ambiance as the live band hits the stage and rouses the crowd with popular songs passionately sang and played in perfect pitch. The live band is scheduled to perform every Wednesday and Friday evening.
Bodacious is stocked with a staggering panoply of around 186 different beverages – from creamy milkshakes to sweet decadent wines – there is a poison of choice for everyone. Putting special emphasis on the myriad of wines that total to 122 different labels, the restaurant’s playful yet sophisticated setting is perfect for popping open a refreshing bottle of French champagne to toast among friends, or sharing a bottle of full-bodied red wine over a romantic dinner when wining and dining your beloved.
Sex on the Beach, $16
Sex on the Beach
Consisting of vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice, grenadine and crushed ice, this classic cocktail is a refreshing summery tipple to enjoy in a tropical climate with its sweet and citric fruity flavors. 
Little Creatures Pale Ale, $11 & O’Hara’s Irish Stout, $11
Little Creatures Pale Ale
Left: Little Creatures Pale Ale, Right: O’Hara’s Irish Stout
The Little Creatures Pale Ale is a cult favorite beer in Australia, well-loved for its crisp carbonation, the bitter and floral taste of fresh whole hop flowers, and its intense citrus and grapefruit aromas that perfectly balance out its finely-tuned levels of malt.
O’Hara’s Irish Stout hails from Ireland itself. This dark brown stout has a robust flavor and a full-bodied and smooth creamy mouth feel. It carries a delicious aroma of chocolate malt and espresso, with a roasted bitter finish.
Bronx, $14
Martini lovers (we’re looking at you, James Bond) will adore the Bronx which is essentially an enhanced version of a martini with the addition of orange juice. A cocktail of gin, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth and orange juice, this refreshing thirst-quencher that reminds us of summer sunshine is light and extremely revitalizing with the zesty tang from the orange juice.
Flor Del Montgo Vintage Cava 2013, $12 (Glass), $55 (Bottle)
Flor Del Montgo
During happy hour (from 4pm – late), a glass of this premium bubbly is just $9. This champagne sparkles with medium perlage. It carries a fruity and subtle floral aroma with a sweet and sour tang, that finishes crisp and dry on the palate.
Freshly Shucked Oyster (Min. Order 6 pieces)
French (Fine de Claire) - $3.50/piece
Irish - $3.50/piece
Drop by for the special oyster happy hour which occurs between 5pm and 8pm daily, where you can get either the French or Irish oyster for just $2 a piece.
The Fine de Claires are cultivated on the French Atlantic coast and spend its last production phase maturing, for a minimum of one month, in shallow ponds where seawater and freshwater meet. The shallow waters fatten the oysters up and the intermix of seawater and fresh water gives the Fine de Claires its subtle and balanced flavor profile that is a huge hit among oyster first-timers and oyster connoisseurs alike.
The Fine de Claire will burst in the mouth like a water balloon with hardly any pressure applied, and its succulent juices will sweep over your tastebuds with a sweet, fruity and slightly nutty surge of flavors. The oyster is packed rich in sweet and delicately briny juices, that finishes with a velvety texture and an earthy aftertaste.
While the Fine de Claires are fat, juicy and succulent, the Irish oysters are fleshy and meaty with more texture. The Irish oysters are the most cultivated species in the world due to high demand. Its deeply cupped shells are a result of farmers tediously rotating and shaking the oyster bags at least once a month. This action is not for naught as it conditions the oyster in producing a deep shell sturdy enough to endure even the longest transcontinental flights.
The very essence of the ocean will inundate your tastebuds with the first slurp. The Irish oyster meat is typically plump, juicy and buttery, with a circumferential crunchy mantle. A refreshing and clean cucumber-like flavor will wash over your tongue with each chew. The initial brininess that hit your palate will eventually slowly evolve into a sweet and mellow finish packed with juices.
Japanese Style Tuna Tataki, $13.80
Tuna Tataki
Sashimi-grade maguro tuna is lightly seared around its edges and beautifully presented still pink and raw in the center, intermingling with anchovy cream, green olives, roasted walnuts and black sesame crumble. The thinly seared outer layer of the tuna is crumbly, buttery and fatty while its raw interior has the characteristic taste of rare filet mignon – smooth and velvety with a mild succulent sweetness, but without the metallic tang of beef. The anchovy cream gives the clean-tasting tuna a boost of umami creaminess, the green olives add a touch of brininess reminiscent of the tuna’s oceanic origins, the roasted walnuts bring the dish closer to land with its nutty and earthy flavors, while the black sesame crumble impart a slightly roasted flavor to the fish.
Grilled Spanish Octopus, $14.80
Grilled Spanish Octopus
The grilled chunks of Spanish octopus are fresh, plump, and bouncy in texture with a tender bite. Succulent juices that taste mildly like the sea will squirt from out from its springy flesh as your teeth sinks into it. The sublime sweetness oozes out from its natural juices and the slightly charred caramelized bits of the octopus. The chunks of octopus are served on a bed of fresh greens, topped with sweet and zesty roasted cherry tomatoes, and garnished with slightly sharp pink radish slices.
Pan-Seared Foie Gras, $14.80
Pan-Seared Foie Gras
Capturing the hearts and stomachs of foodies all around the world, foie gras is simply divine by nature with a 90% fat content that has this amazing key feature of melting at the average body temperature. Foie gras goes into your mouth in a highly viscous, semi-solid state and slowly melts away like butter, enveloping your mouth with the most heavenly taste and texture. Bodacious’ pan-seared foie gras is rich and buttery with a creamy mouth-feel. Cooked medium-rare, this sublime piece of decadence melts like butter and releases all its lovely succulent juices when it touches your tongue. Pair your foie gras with the sweet and tangy fig chutney, berry compote and toasted brioche bread to create the perfect balance of sweet, salty, savory, creamy, fruity and earthy when eaten together, with the crunchiness of the brioche complementing the viscous texture of the foie gras.
Ultimate Whole Roasted Cauliflower, $7.80
Roasted Cauliflower
This piping hot pan of creamy, crunchy decadence is a must-order. Even as die-hard carnivores, we fell in love with Bodacious’ famous roasted cauliflower, glazed with garlic miso paste and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds. The cauliflower is perfectly roasted al-dente with a nice bite. The garlic-miso paste imbues the dish with creamy, savory, fragrant and umami notes, while the sesame seeds give a touch of nuttiness.
Flower Clam Bucket, $13.80
Flower Clam Bucket
The flower clams, that have been simmered in a buttery sauce cooked with parsley, garlic and white wine, are plump and juicy with just a faint whispy of its oceanic origins. Slices of brioche bread are served on the side which allows you to soak up all that full-bodied buttery sauce teeming with the sweet, umami flavors and salinity of the fresh clams.
Drive & Dive
Surf & Turf
Bodacious’ surf and turf platter is definitely a no-brainer for meat-lovers. A generous slab of rib eye steak and a thick fillet of sea bass are each served sitting atop a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes. The tender and succulent steak is drenched in red wine sauce which amplifies the full-bodied savory goodness of the beef. The meaty and flaky sea bass has more depth and dimension added to its buttery texture with the mild perfurmed sweetness of the lychee saffron cream puddled underneath it.
Duck Confit, $22.80
Duck Confit
The french-style duck confit has that coveted crisp and savory skin that all duck confits aspire to achieve, with meat so tender and moist that it falls off the bone with a light scrape. The meat is a light pink on the interior, extremely flavorful and so succulent that its juices leaked all over the plate as we cut into it. It is served with a side of sweet and mushy braised lentils tossed in decadent foie gras butter.
Signature “Bomb Alasaka”, $13.80
Bomb Alasaka
Bomb Alasaka
This substantial dessert that is worth its weight in gold, but set on the menu for a steal, is as big as a newborn baby’s head, and pretty hefty. The Bomb Alaska is an ice cream cake caramelized on the outside as a cascade of calvados, set aflame, is poured over the dessert. Within the caramelized meringue is a core of vanilla ice cream layered with sponge cake. The apple brandy (calvados) infuses the dessert with bursts of apple aromas, cinnamon spice, and a touch of alcoholic bitterness that balances out the sweetness of the meringue. The vanilla ice cream is extremely dense, thick and creamy. This dessert is perfect to be shared among a group of four.
Chef’s Choice Fruit Souffle, $11.80
This warm and comforting souffle served with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream is the perfect way to end your dinner on a hearty note. The souffle is extremely soft, eggy, custardy and fluffy, akin to eating a warm and delicious cloud with a moist center.The cold vanilla ice cream complements the warm cake, while the sweet and tart strawberries (fruits differ from day to day depending on the freshest produce the restaurant can obtain) starkly cut into the dish with a sharp tang.
Bodacious is a beautiful secret hideout that endeavors to satisfy all your creature comforts with a surfeit of food and drinks. It is a hidden gem, little known to the general public, where you can relax in peace without the raucous and cacophonous roar of over-population.
Address: 70 Biopolis St, Singapore 138547 
Hours: Mon, Tues & Sat 11am – 10pm, Wed – Fri 11am – 10pm (Sun Closed)
Tel.: +65 6778 9585 
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