Mischief: Up to No Good with Sinful American Street Food & a Deluge of Tipples

Living a life of sin is our favorite thing, and one of our most notorious haunts is Mischief – a hopping gastrobar in Esplanade that is a booming playground of greasy sinful food and rejuvenating tipples, with games like high-tech beer pong, darts and chess thrown into the fray to encourage mirthful competition for our mischievous sides.
Mischief lays circumferential on the ground floor of Esplanade Mall, overlooking the mouth of the Singapore River. The open-air concept establishment evokes a sense of casual playfulness to keep the mood light and easy for merrymakers from all walks of life and all sorts of attire to indulge in good food and thirst quenching beers.
Enliven your party and challenge your friends or some fun-loving strangers to a round (we had multiple inebriated rounds) of Pong Connect – a high tech beer pong table where you push on a button when it’s your turn to toss the ball into the opponents’ set of cups. A timer will start counting down the seconds you have to toss the ball, and if you get a ball into a cup, the touch sensitive table immediately lights it up so that it can be removed, and an opponent has to drink a cup of beer in all rowdy good fun.
If the penalty speed drinking of Pong Connect isn’t your thing, you can take it down a notch by taking aim with darts, or testing your strategy skills in a thought-provoking game of chess.
Mischief is stocked with a staggering panoply of more than 65 different beverages – from healthy fruit juices to knock-out shots and liquors, but perhaps the most enticing aspect about Mischief is the extremely affordable beers sold by the bucket.
We have been loyal fans of Mischief for years now. We first frequented the establishment when we were broke-ass students and our staple drink for the night was always a $100 bucket of 20 Asahi beers, which only comes up to $5 a bottle, a pretty good steal considering the location and our shallow pockets back then.
After we graduated and started earning our own money to burn, we still constantly return to Mischief. Why pay more at other establishments when we always have rollicking good times at Mischief where premium Japanese beers are cheap and the food is to die for?
Hendrick’s Iced Tea & Lady Grey
This sophisticated and atas-looking beverage is part of a special Hendrick’s Tea Pot Promotion and may be available for a limited time only. It is $49 for an entire tea pot which serves six, and $14 for an individual tea cup. This refreshing iced tea is sugary-sweet and floral and the taste of gin is almost completely non-discernible.
Mix & Match Bucket of 5 Craft Beers, $60
From left to right: Bridge Road Brewers Robust Porter ($17), Brewlander Hope ($15), Brewlander Courage ($16), Brooklyn IPA ($15.90), Connor’s Stout ($13.90)
Our favorite beers at Mischief include the Bridge Road Brewers Robust Porter ($17), Brewlander Hope ($15), Brewlander Courage ($16), Brooklyn IPA ($15.90), and Connor’s Stout ($13.90). The Bridge Road Robust Porter is a dark and rich porter that tastes of chocolate, coffee, and malt with a bitter-sweet finish. The Brewlander Hope is a light summer ale that is the perfect thirst quencher on a hot day with its citrus notes and floral aroma. The Brewlander Courage is a hoppy double IPA with aromas of mango, peach and passion fruit with a strong floral-bitterness due to the abundance of hops in its recipe. The Brooklyn IPA has a sweet, fruity and floral taste with a refreshing hit of carbonation. The Connor’s Stout is smooth, yet light, with a mild carbonation and the taste of roasted malts, dark fruit and a hint of caramel.
Mentaiko Fries, $14
Mentaiko mayonnaise, flying fish rose and a splash of wasabi mayo
Mentaiko Fries
The beauty of potatoes is that they are able to fully absorb all the flavors heaped onto them. The fries act as a vessel to illuminate the star of this dish which is the mentaiko mayonnaise mixed with wasabi mayo and topped with flying fish roe. The mentaiko mayonnaise is creamy and salty with a juicy pop from the flying fish roe and a subtle heat of the sharp wasabi. The crunch of the fries contrasts beautifully with the rich and decadent creaminess of the umami fish roe dip.
Broccoli & Brie Au Gratin, $8
Sautéed broccoli with melted brie cheese on top
Broccoli & Brie Au Gratin
This piping hot pan of cheesy, crunchy decadence is a must-order. Even as die-hard carnivores, we fell in love with Mischief’s broccoli dish, smothered in a few types of cheese and crowned with a few slices of melted brie cheese. The broccoli is perfectly roasted al-dente with a nice bite and each piece is abundantly coated with the creamy, savory and umami flavors of the cheeses.
Mac & Cheese, $8
Mac and cheese with bacon and onions and a mozzarella crust
Mac & Cheese
This comfort dish is every bit the perfect mac & cheese that you crave. It is inundated in melted mozzarella which is gloppy, cheesy, messy, and creamy but not heavy or too overwhelming as the sharp cheddar and the salty and smoky morsels of crispy bacon cuts through the richness.
Communal Platter (Mix & Match)
Cajun Spiced Spring Chicken ($11/half, $18 whole), Crackling Pork Belly ($20/200g, $38/400g), Wagyu Beef Brisket ($25/200g, $48/400g)
Meat Platter
Cajun Spiced Spring Chicken (whole chicken) – Marinated in cajun seasoning and grilled to a golden-brown perfection, this chicken glistens with a tantalizing oiliness. The skin is slightly spicy, savory, tangy, soft and fatty, while the meat within is tender and moist with just a hint of smokiness from the grill.
Crackling Pork Belly (200 grams) – Crispy pork belly with sea salt, garlic, whole grain mustard, garlic and oregano. The crispy pork belly is so gloriously fatty that the gelatinous fat melts directly on the tongue, beautifully juxtaposed with the savory and crunchy crackling skin.
Wagyu Beef Brisket (200 grams) – Slow cooked for 24 painstaking hours in Mischief’s special spice rub, these wagyu beef shavings are reminiscent of Greek beef gyros that are cooked in its own luscious fat drippings. They are tender and fatty with a melt-in-the-mouth buttery texture with just a subtle aroma of its fragrant bovine essence.
Address: 8 Raffles Ave, 01-10/12, Singapore 039802 
Hours: Mon 5pm – 11pm, Tues – Thurs 5pm – 1am, Fri & Sat 5pm – 3am, Sun 5pm – 12am

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