Winestone: Indulge in A Little Piece of Mediterranean Paradise with Affordable Gourmet Dishes & Wine Galore

Enter Winestone – a paradisaical restaurant designed to exude a 5-star resort ambiance, peppered with nuances of turquoise and evergreen foliage to channel the tranquil vibes of the Mediterranean islands. Get whisked away to a made-belief Mediterranean holiday, further enhanced by authentic gourmet cuisine and a selection of affordable wines. 
The name of the restaurant embodies the idea of the outlet – a new distinguishing concept with two key elements: the wine selection created out of the experience and the knowledge of its wine ambassadors and connoisseurs, and signature meals served on stone boards.
The Edison bulbs that cascade in abundance from the ceilings cast the illusion of the golden glow of the blazing Mediterranean midday sun, while the floor-to-ceiling windows that span an entire length of the restaurant welcome in natural light that bathes the space in a serene effulgence during the day.
The restaurant is furnished in warm earth tones, sprays of vivid sapphire hues and given a pop of color with royal purple furniture. The tables alternate between wood and luxurious marble tops gilded in bronze.
There is a full sized bar situated right in the middle of the restaurant, the myriad of euphoric elixirs set on display shining bursts of rainbow light shards around the place – an oasis of thirst-quenching tipples and revitalizing refreshments.
The concept of Winestone revolves around the key words: simple, attractive, authentic and affordable. The restaurant caters to locals, expatriates and international guests, allowing diners the liberty to indulge in its tempting gastronomical gems in any desired attire. You can saunter in all spruced up for a date, a business luncheon, or a dinner party, or you can dress down and stroll into Winestone in the typical “lok-kok” Singaporean garb – flip-flops, shorts and a t-shirt, and each and every discerning customer will still be afforded the same unparalleled customer service.
Winestone is also equipped with a enviably gorgeous all-glass wine cellar that houses its carefully curated melange of wines imported from renowned wine regions all over the world. These wines boast quality,yet, are kept at affordable prices, from $10 a glass and $48 for a bottle. Take-home wine is also made available at Winestone Retail, located within the restaurant, with a separate entrance to the driveway.
Bread Basket
This complimentary assortment of breads is freshly baked in-house and served with a side of multigrain and a slab of butter. The various breads are elevated by a hot stone set in the basket, which keeps the breads warm, fluffy and fragrant. Measure out your desired ratio of balsamic vinegar to olive oil as a sweet, tart and buttery dipping sauce, best paired with the multigrain for a nutty crunch.
Pan-seared Scallops, $16
Scallops, Chorizo, Crushed Peas, Truffle Parmiagiano
pan seared scallops
The marriage of scallops and chorizo in this dish is an ingenious decision made by the chef. The scallops are springy, succulent and sweet with a subtle taste of the sea, while the chorizo slices pack a little punch of heat and a salty burst of juices. The saltiness from the chorizo is leveled out by the candy-sweet and mellow green flavors of the crushed peas. The truffle parmiagiano rounds up the dish with the inclusion of its musky and earthy flavors and rich creamy decadence.
Grain-fed Roasted Beef Fillet, $30
Beef Fillet, Mashed Potato, Portobello, Charred Beans, Mushroom Sauce
beef fillet
In the Mediterranean, the locals prefer masticating meat dishes with vigor and heartiness. True to Winestone’s claim of serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine, this steak has that coveted bite and chewiness that the Mediterraneans love. The steak is drenched in a savory and earthy mushroom sauce, and served on a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes. Though the steak is chewier than its Japanese counterparts (well known for its melt-in-the-mouth texture), it is still extremely fatty, juicy and full of flavor with a velvety texture. The sliced portobello emphasizes the meatiness of this dish, and the morsels of porcini mushrooms add a sweet and woody flavor dimension.
Mini Catalane Tart, $25
Catalane Tart, Berries, Lemon Sorbet
catalane tart
This dessert is a titillating amalgamation of sweet and zesty flavors that dance and and tingle on the tastebuds. The sugary-sweet custard, skirted by a crumbly shortcrust, and sprinkled with granules of caramelized sugar, is decadent and creamy with a sweet and fragrant warmth from the incorporated cinnamon and a fruity tang from the essence of oranges. The sacchariferous quality of the Spanish tart is contrasted by the refreshing, light and pleasantly sour lemon sorbet that brings the dessert together on a well-balanced note.
The dishes mentioned above (along with many other sublime Mediterranean culinary offerings) can be ordered a la carte, or enjoyed during lunch from the affordable three-course lunch menu that starts at just $35++/pax.
Address: 30 Stevens Rd, #01-09, Singapore 257878
Lunch: Mon - Sat 12pm – 2:30pm (Closed on Sun)
Dinner: Mon – Thurs 6pm – 12 midnight, Fri & Sat 6pm – 1am (Closed on Sun)
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