Tien Court: Master Chef Kwan Blazing Up the Kitchen with Gourmet Cantonese Cuisine

tien court
The nationally acclaimed Tien Court at Copthorne King's Hotel has long been synonymous with haute Cantonese gastronomy paired with unparalleled Chinese hospitality. Tien Court's luxurious spread of Cantonese delicacies is illustrious in the epicurean world, and since the recent inauguration of Master Chef Kwan, this renowned restaurant's epicurean delights are being tweaked to the epitome of perfection.
Master Chef Kwan originally hailed from Guangdong. His passion for the culinary arts kicked off at the tender age of 14 when he found himself in the capital of Cantonese cuisine, Hong Kong, working as a dim sum chef. His zealous love for Cantonese fare later went on to blossom into a distinguished 40-year career that have seen him helming some of the most prominent Chinese restaurants around the world.
After Hong Kong taught him all he could learn, the Master Chef Kwan moved to Lian Yuen Seafood Restaurant where he spent fourteen years perfecting his craft before traveling as an Assistant Chinese Chef to various parts of the world to work in various top Chinese restaurants in Brazil, Vietnam and The Philippines.
In his career of yesteryear, Master Chef Kwan was spearheading the menus at the notable Man Fu Yuan, Intercontinental Hotel Singapore and Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Atrium. Assuming his new role at Tien Court, Master Chef Kwan will be bringing justice to the restaurant's legacy of serving authentic Cantonese cuisine with the finest of ingredients. The chef's utmost dedication to the art of gastronomy compels him to swear an oath of using only the best ingredients to concoct a palatial mind-blowing feast for all the senses.
Master Chef Kwan deviates from the status quo and makes a conscious culinary decision to infuse intriguing modern elements of luxury with traditional Chinese recipes to create an exciting gastronomical adventure for diners. His signature dishes include Chef Kwan’s Signature Tea Smoked Duck, Baked Hokkaido Scallops with Topped with Cheese and Caviar, Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Pork, Prawn and Mushroom served with Superior Abalone Sauce, Deep Fried Lychee with Curried Crab Filling served with Salted Egg Sauce and Slow-cooked Maine Lobster Broth served in Whole Pumpkin.
Assorted Dim Sum
tien court
Left: Steamed Prawns Dumpling with Black Truffle (黑松露虾饺), $8.30/3pcs
Center: Steamed Pork & Prawn Dumpling with Caviar (鱼子蒸烧卖), $6.30/3pcs
Right: Mini Steamed Malay Sponge Cake
The black skin of the dumpling is thin yet al-dente, and wonderfully encompasses the sweet and springy prawns, the juicy diced mushrooms and the musky and earthy shavings of black truffle. The siew mai is a tender and juicy morsel of minced pork packed with two sweet and bouncy prawns in its core and crowned with a dollop of crunchy tobiko that pops in the mouth. The steamed malay sponge cake is a welcoming mix-up of flavors and textures to the savory dim sum. The bite-sized cake is sweet and moist, and so soft and fluffy that it reminds us of a cloud with just a hint of custard.
Lobster Broth in Mini Pumpkin (金瓜盅龙虾汤), $28
tien court
A thick, syrupy and turbid lobster broth is encapsulated within an adorable mini pumpkin imported from Japan. The soup is warm and comforting with a viscous consistency almost verging on creamy that is punctuated by the succulent springiness of the generous lobster chunks swimming around. The lobster meat imbues the soup with a subtle sweetness and umami goodness. The sweetness of the broth is amplified with the pumpkin bowl, the pulp scraped from the insides of the pumpkin is rich, creamy and nectarous. The soup is topped with a dollop of caviar that cuts through the sweetness and adds a salty and briny taste of the sea.
Baked Fresh Scallops with Cheese Mayonnaise & Teriyaki Brinjal, $36/6pcs
tien court
The scallops are springy, succulent and sweet with a hint of its oceanic origin, which are deliciously complemented with the creamy and savory gratinated cheese on top. The piece of brinjal that each scallop sits on is tender and juicy with an al-dente bite and a velvety texture. The brinjal's combination of sweet and savory pulls the dish together and makes this morsel a rainbow myriad of tastes and textures.
Peking Duck (北京烤鸭), $38/half, $68/whole
tien court
tien court
tien court
Tien Court's peking duck is served right to your table where the server is trained to expertly slice away the skin without any remnants of meat. Each sliver of glorious skin is then encased within a thin egg crepe and drizzled with hoisin sauce. The peking duck skin is roasted to perfection, and so incredibly crispy that it shatters in the mouth with a perfunctory bite. The lovely, fatty and savory juices that coat the skin with a slick sheen is beautifully juxtaposed with the thick and rich sweet hoisin sauce slathered on the egg crepe. Feel free to slot in the sliced cucumbers and leeks served on the side for a refreshing evergreen crunch.
Braised Sea Perch Fish with Black Truffle & Mushrooms (黑松露鲜菌焖鲈鱼件), $32/portion
tien court
tien court
The delicious snowy white flesh of the ocean perch breaks away in large flakes and is firm to the bite, but quickly yields from the heat in the mouth to a buttery consistency. The translucent brown sauce lathered over the fish is thin, yet rich and flavorful, heavily infused with the musky and earthy aroma of black truffles.
Braised Rice with Diced Chicken & Bonito Flakes served in Stone Pot (石锅木鱼花鸡丁烩饭), $22
tien court
tien court
This dish is served in three separate entities – rice in a stone pot, a metal saucepan of diced chicken and a multitude of mushrooms and vegetables in a sticky and syrupy sauce, and a saucer of bonito flakes. Start by pouring the piping hot sauce into the stone bowl over the fragrant rice, and finish by dusting the bonito flakes over the dish. The savory and hearty sauce has a slightly herbal note to it and is chock full of succulent chicken, juicy mushrooms, and crunchy vegetables, the rice has a mild perfumed aroma that beautifully complements the sauce, and the bonito flakes give a strong savory and smoky finish.
Tien Court Restaurant is located at Level 2 Copthorne King’s Hotel. For reservations, please call 6318 3168 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Tien Court
Address: 403 Havelock Road, Copthorne Kings Hotel Singapore, Singapore 169632
Hours: Mon – Fri 12 – 2:30pm, 6:30 – 10:30pm | Sat – Sun 11:30am – 12:45pm, 1:15 – 2:30pm, 6:30 – 10:30pm
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