Mythz & Myths Bar: Embark on a Mystical Journey with Magical Cocktails and Multi-Dimensional Gastronomy

mythz & myths 
Since the dawn of human civilization, people have always been fascinated with divinity. The human desire to understand the universe therein bore innumerable sequences of myths, legends and folklore of epic proportions. From that very same archaic proclivity to conjure fantastical myths for ineffable mysteries, Mythz & Myths Bar was born, as testament to the mystifying ecstasy that eating and drinking brings us.
Though the mysteries of the universe have yet to be unraveled, it can still be pondered upon at the steampunk themed bar in Mythz & Myths, where its intricately crafted mythological-based cocktails will enthrall you with its magical color-changing and smoke-emanating properties, and flavor profiles so otherworldly that it has the ability to transport your mind to another world.
mythz & myths
The speakeasy bar pulses with a mercurial energy despite being tucked away in a corner of an alley along South Bridge Road, seemingly just lying in wait for an intrepid explorer to stumble upon its rich mythical culture and discover the gastronomical and alcoholic treasures that lie beyond.
Mythz & Myths' spellbinding cocktails are conceived by its Head Mixologist, Darren Lim. What started as a simple interest in cocktails, soon blossomed into a passion for Darren. With sours as his specialty, Darren often utilizes fresh fruits, herbs and spices when creating his concoctions. Honed in the art of Japanese bartending, where every detail is compelled to be executed with ultimate finesse, his skills and creativity crowned him the esteemed winner of the Black Cow Gold Top Cup 2017 Singapore, as well as the recent El Espolòn Cocktail Fight 2018 Singapore.
Nyx, $24
Kilchomann Bramble, Hibiscus, Sparkling, Absinthe
mythz & myths
mythz & myths
Nyx (Right) – The Greek goddess of the night
Mythz & Myths: Her hideous head was hidden by a loose cover to hide the monstrosity. Her emaciated fingers clenched tightly on what seemed to be a scythe covered with blood stains, each one telling a different story. “Rise my children! The time has come for the end of all…”
This cocktail was created out of the fearsome admiration of the Greek goddess of the night, Nyx, who possesses such exceptional power that she is feared by Zeus himself. True to the goddess' intimidating personality, the dark amber liquid sloshes down strong, bold and thick – heavy on the tart, tangy and tannin-like quality of blackberries mingled with the syrupy consistency of honey and the lingering “bite” of malt whiskey. The inclusion of the floral bitterness of hibiscus, the sweet menthol effect of absinthe and the very subtle sparkling note helps in balancing out the richness of Nyx's deep flavors.
Cosmic Bloom, $22
Hendrick's, St. Germain, Lillet Blanc, Liqueur de Violette, White Wine, Lemon, Rose Water
mythz & myths
mythz & myths
Lionel (Left)
Mythz & Myths: Lionel was born when the Cataclysm happened, but sadly his parents didn’t make it through. He was taken in by the Remainders, who trained him up as a spy to infiltrate Motoko Industries. He was soon tasked with his first mission, and that’s when he chanced upon the time traveling VTR in the R&D Lab…
Travel beyond light speed through the cosmos with this refreshingly effervescent and effulgent drink. Cosmic Bloom is sweet, zesty, delicate and light, prickling and uplifting the palate with fine carbonation, and emanating aromas of a flower garden in springtime from the crisp and herbaceous elderflowers in the St. Germain, the fresh and evergreen violets in the Liqueur de Violette, and the sweet fragrance of rose water.
X Y (1, 0), $24
Reyka, Dill, Kombu, Mancino Secco, Lemon, Oyster Leaf
mythz & myths
mythz & myths
Pixie Jaws (Bottom Right)
Mythz & Myths: Not much was known about Pixie Jaws, where it came from or how it turned into a humanoid shark made up of billions of pixels. One thing is for sure, Pixie Jaws is practically unkillable as dead or lost pixels are replaced at a rate of 1000 pps. Armed with a knife and pan, Pixie Jaws loves cooking! Its favorite ingredient – the horns of Behelrog.
The very essence of the ocean is encapsulated within this glass conch shell almost like a magical elixir for a mermaid to consume to reclaim her glorious shimmering tail after spending a short stint walking on Earth. This clear cocktail is made up of a base of Reyka vodka and incorporated with dill, kombu, Mancino Secco, lemon, and served with oyster leaves. The dill with its slightly acerbic undertones, the kombu with its briny and umami flavors, the Mancino vermouth with its full nose of Mediterranean herbs and dry mouthfeel, and the hint of lemon with its subtle acidity, mimics the salty ocean spray with a bright and summery quality. The oyster leaf is a thing of natural wonder that bears identical flavor traits to an actual raw oyster with its fresh, salty, musky, potent and mineral-like astringency. For every sip you take of the cocktail, you are encouraged to nibble on an oyster leaf to create a uniquely gorgeous amalgamation that tastes like the soul of the sea mingled with liquid sunshine – so much so that you can practically hear the crashing crescendo of the ocean waves and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.
R.E.D, $22
Mount Gay Black Barrel, Mulled Wine, Lillet Blanc, Lemon
mythz & myths
mythz & myths
Summer Watson (Left)
Mythz & Myths: Young Summer Watson's latent powers were demonstrated during an incident where she lost control and killed her parents. She was quickly taken in by the Federal Agents and conscripted as a child into the S.T.A.R.S. Program, trained as a psychic killer with no remorse. Fortunately, she was soon taken away by Professor Watson to the far ends, raised up hidden away from the cruel world, until the Cataclysm happened…
A rich oakey scent permeates the air as wisps of silver grey smoke curl and dance around the lowball glass when the bell jar is lifted. This sexy cocktail is smokey, warm and comforting with the rich warming notes of plump sultanas, cracked black pepper, creamy vanilla and woody cinnamon from the Mount Gay Black Barrel, and the mosaic of sweet, fruity and spicy elements of the mulled wine. The addition of the crisp, fresh, fruity and oakey Lillet Blanc, and zest from a lemon wedge assist in harmonizing the flavors.
Darren is also highly skilled in crafting your choice of poison. The award-winning mixologist can directly cater to your tastebuds and create a unique one-of-a-kind cocktail according to your whimsical fancy.
Alex's Bespoke Cocktail
Roku Gin, Lemon, Grapes, Kyoho liqueur, Espresso
mythz & myths
Request: Sweet
Alex was rather vague and ambiguous about the taste notes of his bespoke cocktail, only supplying the flavor “sweet” when pressed. This burly Russian shockingly does not like the taste of vodka or any bold flavored hard liquor that burns, so Darren opted to go with Roku Gin created from six Japanese botanicals (sakura flower, sakura leaf, yuzu peel, sencha tea, gyokuro tea and sanshō pepper) that carries a whisper of fresh, fruity, and floral sweetness. Lemon, grapes, kyoho (grape) liqueur and espresso perfectly complemented the light nature of the Japanese gin. The cocktail was fragrant, velvety and sweet, with the fruitiness of the grapes stabilized by the comforting bitterness of the espresso.
YY's Bespoke Cocktail
Four Roses Bourbon, White Wine, Raisins, Bitters
mythz & myths
Request: Bitter, strong whiskey base
YY desired a strong whiskey-based cocktail true to form of his unquenchable alcoholic thirst. The surreal aquamarine color came as a pleasant surprise, and we misjudged its potency due to its seemingly innocuous, pretty hue. Darren delivered an extremely lethal concoction that burned with a vengeance. Our mouths were ignited with notes of honey, caramel, spice, lemonade and toasty oak from the Four Roses Bourbon, intensified by the sweet and tangy warmth of raisins, with some refreshing splashes of white wine and bitters thrown into the flames to slightly quench the heat.
Cheryl's Bespoke Cocktail
Botanist, Butterfly Blue Pea, Lavender, Lemon, Cranberry tonic
mythz & myths
Request: Sweet, floral and bubbly
I am a sucker for flowery scents and flavors so I requested for a sweet, floral and sparkling aperitif. My bespoke drink was served in two parts – a pitcher with a translucent bubbly substance, and a tall glass containing an intense indigo liquid, chilled by a crystalline hand-carved ice cube. This beautifully constructed cocktail transformed from a royal purple to a glamorous fuchsia when the contents of the pitcher was poured into the glass, creating a whimsical ombre effect. The royal purple liquid is made up of butterfly blue pea, which releases a natural deep blue pigment when steeped in water, along with Botanist gin and lavender. The butterfly blue pea's color morphed with the addition of lemon and cranberry tonic from the pitcher.
This effervescent cocktail evoked the sight and smell of a fantastical world. Its whimsical appearance beared an uncanny resemblance to a susurrating waterfall in an enchanted forest. As soon as the sweet, floral, calming and bright aroma with the fizzy bubbles hit me, my mind was immediately transported to a fairy tale forest, populated with ancient trees soaring to the heavens, sprays of exotic flowers in full bloom, and unicorns frolicking under the waterfall.
mythz & myths
The bar's food menu is short and sweet with a list of five main fixtures. Look out for the bar's daily specials too! What the menu lacks in quantity, more than makes up for it in unparalleled quality. Every single dish is a gastronomical masterpiece perfected by Chef Martin Wong, the man who spearheaded the creation of Mythz & Myths. Chef Martin rose to prominence from humble beginnings. He has helmed the stoves of 2-starred Michelin restaurants and stoked the fire in upscale kitchens across the world in his strife for culinary innovation and perfection. Each dish is a work of art brimming with depth and complexity in delightful flavor sensations.
BBQ Aged Chicken Wings with Aigre-Doux Glaze, $15
mythz & myths
These are not your run-of-the-mill BBQ-ed chicken wings. This unique dish was invented with the idea of concentrating the natural flavors and juices of chicken. Mythz & Myths' wings are aged for four days before they are smoked, slathered with an aigre-doux glaze and finished off on the grill. The aigre-doux glaze that coats the wings combines elements of sweetness and sourness, it is sticky, syrupy and thick, with the sweetness of honey neutralizing the sour acidity of vinegar. Due to the dry-aging process, the skin on the wings is not as soft and pliable as it is when cooked fresh. The skin is rather blubbery but it packs a huge hit of smokey and caramelized flavors in its congealed gelatinous fat. The meat within is buttery and tender, spurting out robust savory juices with every bite.
Australian Wagyu Beef Cube with Sea Salt & Parsley, $22
mythz & myths
A slab of intricately marbled Wagyu beef is simply pan-seared with brown butter to allow its naturally delicious bovine flavors to shine through and dusted with a light sprinkling of sea salt and parsley for that pop of saltiness and hint of evergreen freshness. It is cubed prior to being served, revealing the beautiful medium-rare cross section of the meat, seared to just the right temperature so that the dense webbing of fat within melts just ever so slightly to inundate and coat the beef cubes in a buttery infusion of sinful goodness. The thick streaks and globs of fat that did not yet succumb to the heat simultaneously melts in the mouth like snow and gives a rich and creamy consistency to the beef.
Brussels Sprouts with Parmesan Cheese, Bacon & Butter Emulsion, $10
mythz & myths
Brussels sprouts and bacon are roasted in melted butter and smothered by a pile of grated parmigiano-reggiano. The rendered fat from the bacon has run off and commingled with the butter, puddling under the brussels sprouts and infusing the vegetables with its rich, fatty, silky, smokey and savory blend of flavors. The brussels sprouts are slightly caramelized at its edges, and are nutty, savory, and soft yet crunchy with a rounded flavor from its greenish bitterness being counterbalanced by the roasted sweetness. The snowy heap of parmigiano-reggiano provides an understated cheesy creaminess and amplifies the nuttiness of the brussels sprouts.
Truffle Potatoes with Shio Kombu, Bonito, Nori, Parmigiano & Veal Jus, $14
mythz & myths
mythz & myths
These golden deep-fried chunks of potatoes are tossed in truffle oil, shio kombo, veal jus, and parmigiano-reggiano shavings before they are secreted away beneath a mountain of bonito flakes and nori strips. Bursting to its seams with a kaleidoscopic myriad of taste and textures, the potatoes have a crisp exterior, packing a whole lot of earthy flavor in its warm fluffy interior, which is further enhanced by the garlicky muskiness of truffles. The shio kombu (kelp marinated in sesame seeds, soy sauce, mirin and sugar) gives the dish a hit of umami, brininess, and sweetness, the faint whisper of the ocean delightfully contrasting with the earthiness of the potatoes. The parmigiano-reggiano has melted and melded into the delicate, yet full-bodied and savory veal juices, forming an ambrosial creamy sauce that shines with the wholesome natural sweetness of veal. The bonito flakes and nori strips deepen and intensify the umami goodness of this complex and delicious snack.
Truffle Mushroom Risotto, $22 (Daily Special)
mythz & myths
Mushrooms and truffles are a match made in heaven that create the ultimate earthy flavor bomb when cooked in a risotto. Mythz & Myths' truffle mushroom risotto is extremely rich and creamy, inundated with the irresistible flavors of the musky and garlicky truffle oil and the earthy and savory sauteed mushrooms. The risotto rice is simmered perfectly al dente, which sets a nice bite that balances out the creaminess of this hearty dish.
Pan-Seared Foie Gras Pâté, $18/pc (Daily Special)
Raspberry Gel, Amarena Cherry, Crispy Pastry, Shaved Chocolate
mythz & myths
An entire lobe of foie gras is sliced up and pan-seared before it is pressed into a baking dish and baked in a water bath (bain-marie), in the painstaking process of turning it into glorious pâté. The unique practice of pan-searing the foie gras, that Mythz & Myths employs, yields a divine smokey, savory and caramelized combination of flavors that revolutionizes foie gras pâté. Dollops of the creamy goose liver are festooned on a thin crispy pastry slathered with raspberry gel, blanketed by a blizzard of Valrhona chocolate shavings and finished off with an Amarena cherry on top!
The foie gras pâté almost has the same consistency as mousse – it is rich and creamy, yet airy and delicate with a velvety texture that rapidly melts into a rich, creamy, and umami goodness immediately as it touches the tongue. The crisp wafer that the pâté is perched on, shatters upon impact, delivering a textural contrast to the creamy foie gras pâté. The richness of the foie gras is ingeniously augmented with the bitter-sweet and melty Valrhona chocolate shavings, while the Amarena cherry and raspberry gel gives a cherry-like tannin almost similar to red wine, cutting through the decadence and density of the foie gras with its electrifying tang. This decadent appetizer-meets-dessert is sweet and tangy, chocolatey and smokey, and creamy and crunchy all in one bite.
Mythz & Myths Bar
mythz & myths
Address: 50 South Bridge Rd, #01-00 CMO Building, Singapore 058682
Hours: Tues – Sat 5pm – 12 midnight (Closed on Mon & Sun), Last Order – 10:45pm for bites, 11:45pm for drinks
Tel.: +65 9654 1714
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