Sweet Monster: Popular Korean Popcorn Ice Cream Chain Opens in Ang Mo Kio

sweet monster
Sweet Monster has been devouring through foodies all over Asia with its premium popcorn soft serve ice cream that boasts a recipe made up of more than 75% organic fresh milk. This popular dessert chain hails from South Korea, and has now come roaring into the heartlands at Ang Mo Kio Hub.
sweet monster
Sweet Monster's popcorn ice cream is a marriage of sweet and savory, with five varieties of flavored popcorn copiously embedded into the milky, creamy and melty soft serve. The dessert boutique also serves a rainbow array of cakes, waffles, milkshakes, sodas, frappes, and even its own adorable monster merchandise!
sweet monster
A Junior cup of Signature Ice Cream (flavors: Peanut Butter Pretzel, Green Tea Mountain, Caramel Macchiato, Cookie Mountain) is priced at $4, while the Regular is $6. A Junior cup of Popcorn Ice Cream (flavors: Caramel & Cheese Mix, Caramel, Chocolate, Green Tea, Strawberry) is priced at $4.80, while the Regular is $680. The serving size is not your atypical soft serve portion though. The cup is piled with a mini mountain of soft serve ice cream that towers twice over the cup. For an additional $1, you can also upgrade your ice cream to a original waffle cone, chocolate waffle cone or red velvet waffle cone that is made fresh upon order.
Santamon, $12.80
sweet monster
The soft serve ice cream is inlaid with alternate rows of matcha and strawberry popcorn that is syrupy and sweet on the outside and crunchy and fluffy within. The creamy and milky ice cream is sandwiched between a red velvet waffle and a matcha waffle, before it is topped with chocolate and maple syrup and dusted with a fine snow of powdered sugar.
The waffles are honey-comb fluffy perfection. The Red Velvet is thick, dense and chocolaty, yet still fluffy and light, where as the Matcha has a simple and milder taste of bittersweet green tea.
The Santamon is exclusive to the Ang Mo Kio Hub outlet and is a special Christmas dessert, limited only till the end of December 2018.
Strawberry Cheesecake, $5.80
sweet monster
The strawberry syrup that drenches the cheesecake is thick, syrupy and sticky. You can still see remnants of the strawberry puree within the translucent red syrup, guaranteeing that real strawberries are used in its creation. The syrup is sweet and tart just like a real strawberry, devoid of the cloying medicinal taste of synthetic strawberry syrup. The cheesecake is dense and rich, the creamy cheesiness melting from the heat in the mouth into a savory, sweet and milky viscosity.
Other Cheesecake flavors include: Cherry, Blueberry, Caramel Walnut, Oreo, Banana Nutella
sweet monster
Left: Ferrero Nutella Monster Shake | Right: Lemon Lime Monster Ade
Ferrero Nutella Monster Shake – Junior, $6.80 | Regular, $7.80
The Ferrero Nutella Monster Shake is thick and creamy with a strong chocolaty hazelnut flavor. The woodiness and nuttiness of the nutella beautifully bonds with the blended Ferrero Rocher. 
Other Monster Shake flavors include: Strawberry Cake, Cookie and Milk, Caramel Cafe Au Lait
Lemon Lime Monster Ade – Junior, $3 | Regular, $3.80
If all that sweet, creamy and decadent desserts get too rich for your palate, you should get a Monster Ade to wash it down. The Lemon Lime Monster Ade is intensely refreshing with its effervescent bubbles, and sweet and zesty flavors that tickle the tastebuds.
Other Monster Ade flavors include: Passion Fruit, Yoghurt Calpis, Soursop, Mango
Sweet Monster
sweet monster
Address: Ang Mo Kio Hub, B1-65A/B, Singapore 569933
Hours: 9am – 10pm

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