Michelin Star JAAN on 70th Floor of Swissôtel Revolutionizes British Cuisine with Seasonal Winter Menu

Shaped by seasonality, a key culinary compass at JAAN throughout the years, the new winter menu showcases iconic British staples reinterpreted through a modern and innovative gastronomical lens. 
Having unveiled a pioneering new menu philosophy of ‘Reinventing British’ earlier this year, internationally acclaimed restaurant JAAN continues to lead innovation on the dining scene. Chef Kirk Westaway champions a creative, redefined British dining philosophy that showcases his imaginative flair through the use of the finest seasonal produce.
JAAN’s new winter menu is inspired by Chef Kirk’s British heritage and longstanding passions, highlighting expertly sourced, premium, hand-picked ingredients that are reminiscent of his fondest winter memories in England. Diners will be taken on a journey through Chef Kirk’s nostalgic moments, delivered through the creative use of flavours, artistic presentation and meticulous attention to detail.
The experience begins with a series of exquisite snacks; inspired by the quintessentially British game pie, traditionally prepared during the winter months, the Rabbit Pie snack is a delicate yet still heart-warming dish. The succulent meat of a Dutch rabbit is minced by hand and seasoned with a spicy mix of Gara Masala, chilli, turmeric, ginger and cumin, before it is piped into a thin semolina pie pastry base.
With the British winter months being peak truffle season, another highlight of the snack selection is the Truffled Egg Ball, which champions a winter elegance. An organic New Zealand egg is meticulously cooked for an hour at 63°C, after which the yolk is whisked and then folded with a rich, truffle butter. The spheres of truffled egg are subsequently tossed into flour and breadcrumbs, then deep fried, creating a rich, crunchy egg complemented with the salty earthy truffle and a dash of truffle vinaigrette.
Beetroot Starter
The first course is an ode to one of Chef Kirk’s all-time seasonal favourite – the sweet beetroot. Combining a stunning variety of beetroots, from the vibrant pink Cheltenham beetroot, the bright Golden beetroot, and the deep Chioggia beetroot, Chef Kirk pairs flavourful umami trout eggs, thick whipped burrata cheese with the sweetness of the root vegetable. The Beetroot Starter is finished with horseradish shavings, beetroot purée and locally-sourced organic flowers. 
The next course, Langoustine with Celeriac, pays homage to the earthy flavours and textures of the nutty root vegetable. A winter staple in British kitchens, the miso-marinated celeriac is neatly sliced into thin, small sheets and placed atop a rich risotto made with celeriac, parmesan, miso, lemon purée and crème fraiche. Complementing the aromatic celeriac, a fresh Alaskan Langoustine drizzled with seaweed butter and a creamy bisque sauce finishes off the exquisite dish.
Presenting an innovative, indulgent rendition of the classic carb, Just a Potato places the spotlight on the rare Pink Fur Potatoes, which are sourced from Devon, Chef Kirk’s hometown. The potatoes are pan roasted with oil, butter, rosemary, garlic and thyme before being simmered in vegetable stock to create a rich, luscious broth. A warm potato sits atop a purée of creamy Baron Bigod cheese, hazelnuts and fragrant black truffle mix, complete with the rich vegetable broth. Truffle sauce made from Madeira is brushed over the potato that is then sprinkled with Joselitto ham and shavings of white truffle. This heart-warming yet sophisticated dish highlights Chef Kirk’s deft interplay of his childhood culinary memories, English ingredients and culinary expertise honed over the years.
Venison with Quince
Quince is a perfect balance to rich venison and this ideal flavour pairing is reimagined in this quintessentially British dish. The Australian Venison is air dried for two days before being marinated in a flavourful juniper seed, rosemary and thyme. The tender meat is roasted in a pan until medium rare and made into a compact potato terrine, with one side caramelised. The terrine is complemented with a tart quince purée mixed with star anise, peppercorn and thyme, as well as an orange-glazed chicory. The Venison with Quince is topped with a syrupy cherry and peppercorn sauce, finishing off the courses with distinctively festive flavours.
Pear and Custard Tart
Chef Kirk’s modern interpretation of the classic British ‘Hobnob’, one of the most popular British biscuits made from rolled oats, is channelled in his Pear Tart, where he places the spotlight on the fresh Conference Pear and his homemade vanilla ice cream. The reinvented rustic winter dessert rounds off the meal beautifully, with the delicious marriage of juicy, sweet pears and the English vanilla custard. The Conference Pear is sliced, rolled carefully into a tight cylinder, before being doused in a rich muscovado caramel and coupled with hot English vanilla custard and velvety vanilla ice cream. 
Selection of Final Sweets
The selection of final sweets concludes the journey down memory lane with a luscious, comforting embrace. The Caramel Rocher is one of the first sweet treats that Chef Kirk put on the menu and has become a signature feature for JAAN guests. The rich vanilla caramel is piped into a chocolate cup and rolled in 66% dark chocolate before being covered in roasted chopped almonds.
One of Chef Kirk’s personal favourites is his rendition of the Devon Cream Tea which is reminiscent of his hometown. The buttery vanilla sablé sandwiches light clotted cream and raspberry jam, reconstructing the iconic flavours of scones and jam.
“With the spotlight on Singapore’s culinary landscape, my team and I are incredibly excited to be part of such a dynamic period in the fine dining industry. 2019 is set to be even more exciting than ever for JAAN as we continue to celebrate our new menu approach, ‘Reinventing British’. I’ve always wanted to give our guests a modern, experiential version of British dining that hasn’t been done before.” shares Kirk Westaway, Executive Chef, JAAN. 
As JAAN continues to develop its British-inspired menu through the seasons, guests will be able to enjoy Chef Kirk’s unwavering dedication to offer each diner an unforgettable epicurean journey. Serving the best produce daily, along with a stellar wine and Champagne selection, impeccable personal service and a panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline from the 70th floor of Swissôtel The Stamford, dining at JAAN brings an all-encompassing, exceptional gastronomic experience.
About JAAN
JAAN is an internationally celebrated restaurant on the highest floor of the iconic Swissôtel The Stamford in Singapore. Helmed by Executive Chef Kirk Westaway, the establishment is a pioneering gastronomic platform with a reputation for handpicking exceptional culinary talents and delivering a creative, refined dining experience.
Born in South West Britain, Chef Kirk has shaped JAAN’s offering over the course of his three years as Executive Chef by channelling his deeply rooted passion for natural flavours that are reminiscent of his childhood in England. Applying the philosophy ’Reinventing British’, his perpetually evolving menu embodies a seasonal philosophy to showcase British dining in a modern light. From developing his culinary direction and selecting the world’s best gourmet suppliers, to personalising bespoke tableware and curating specially designed furniture, these subtle shifts in the entire dining experience over the last three years have culminated in Chef Kirk and his team moving towards a stronger emphasis on ‘Reinventing British’.
The restaurant seats 40 guests in a sophisticated interior that features curated furniture and a stunning Murano crystal and silver free-form chandelier that spans the entire length of the ceiling. JAAN’s dining experience is further enhanced by the breath-taking view of Singapore’s scenic landscape as well as the truly exquisite culinary service experience that have become the hallmark of this multi-award winning restaurant.
JAAN features an elegant private dining room that can be made for exclusive use for events through prior reservation, or opened up as an extension to the restaurant space. The room accommodates up to 8 guests for a truly exceptional destination dining experience.
Meaning “bowl” in Cambodian, JAAN served mixed bowls comprising of grains, sprouts, vegetables, meats and fishes when it first opened. Since then, its cuisine style has evolved under the leadership of various international chefs. 
Address: Level 70, Swissôtel The Stamford, 2 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178882
Lunch Hours: Mon – Sat 12noon – 2.30pm (last seating 1.15pm, last order 1.30pm), Closed on Sun & PH
Dinner: Mon – Sat 5pm – 10.30pm  (last seating 8.45pm, last order 9pm), Closed on Sun & PH
Tel. No.: +65 6837 3322

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