Ginett is Raising the Steaks with Dry Aged Beef, French Cheeses and Affordable Lunch Sets

Discover the joys of dry-aged beef at Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar as Executive Chef Sylvain Royer introduces a brand new Dry Ager fridge to the kitchen, that is bound to kick the flavour of the humble steak up several notches.
Choosing to work only with passionate Australian beef producers such as Rangers Valley, O’Connor Beef and Stockyard since day one, Ginett has since grown a sterling reputation for its confident prime cut selection of Black Angus beef from down under – which until today has needed nothing more than a good sear on the charcoal grill.
With the introduction of dry-aging—a process where meat goes through a natural stage of tenderizing itself with its own enzymes to reach the perfect texture and flavour—the large, evenly distributed fat content of the Australian Black Angus can now transform the meat into an impeccable umami-powerhouse, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s pure beefy bliss.
Diners can now enjoy their favourite prime cuts of pure Black Angus beef that has been aged for an optimum period of four to six weeks in Ginett’s new dry-aging fridge, then grilled in a Spanish-imported Mibrasa charcoal oven – further intensifying the flavours with deep, rich smokiness of charcoal and embers. Available as specials from S$46++.
Fans of French fromage can now choose from a wider range of 21 French imported Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) cheeses at Ginett – from the creamy and nutty Saint-Félicien from Rhône-Alpes, to the pyramid-shaped Pouligny-Saint-Pierre made exclusively using unpasteurised whole goat's milk from the Loire Valley in central France. 
Take a well-deserved midday break with Ginett’s affordable weekday lunch deals – available from 11am to 3pm every Monday to Friday.
Choose a main with either a starter or a dessert and enjoy a two-course set lunch from S$15++; or go on a health kick without sacrificing on flavour with a selection of affordable salad bowls that begin from S$8++, with add-on proteins and soft drink options.
Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar
Address: Hotel G Singapore, 200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980
Hours: Mon – Thurs & Sun 7am – 11.30pm, Fri & Sat 7am – 12.30am
Tel.: +65 6809 7989

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