Local Brewery Launches Singapore Lager to Pair with Local Cuisine and is Giving it Away for Free!

singapore lager
A new brew in town is set to revitalize your tastebuds as you chow down on Singapore's many delicious culinary offerings. Singapore Lager is specially brewed by The Tuas Brewing Co to cater to our local palate, and to serve as a versatile pairing choice for any asian dish; ranging from xiao long baos to laksa, or chicken rice to mala xiang guo.
The effervescent golden liquid sloshes down light and refreshing with peppery, grassy, fruity and floral notes. It has a clean and crisp finish, completely devoid of the commercial lagers' cloying nastiness that lingers at the back of your throat.
singapore lager
Singapore Lager Paired with Chicken Rice
This beer, while delicate tasting, does not skimp on the alcohol content, standing at 4.5% alcohol/volume. For binge drinkers, it is a dangerous beer with hidden teeth and balls that dares you to conquer huge quantities of it. For the moderate drinkers who simply love to crush an invigorating pint during a sweltering day, the Singapore Lager will rise to the occasion.
Whether it’s young beer lovers having drinks with friends, tourists looking for a local brew to taste, or seasoned Singaporean drinkers washing down an oily plate of char kway teow at their local hawker center, Singapore Lager is “everybody’s beer”.
Tasting Notes
singapore lager
Singapore Lager is light, refreshing and easy-to-drink beer that pours a crystal clear, light golden colour with a foamy white head.
Notes in this beer are peppery with grainy, white bread and soft grape to grassy aromas. Light bodied and dry, with persistent carbonation, Singapore Lager drinks smooth, crisp and clean, with a satisfying visible lacing down the glass.
Pairs wonderfully with many different types of food, this beer is a refreshing, crushable work horse.
The Folks Behind Singapore Lager
“We’ve created a beer that is easygoing and super-drinkable, ensuring it appeals to a broad range of tastes and pairs with many different types of food for all food-loving Singaporeans,” Gregg Speirs, Singapore Lager's Master Bewer said. “It has a light, crisp body and a crystal-clear golden hue. Balanced and moreish, it’s crowd-pleasing liquid proof that a quality, mainstream pour can exist.”
Joseph Barratt, Co-Founder and CEO of Singapore Lager and Trouble Brewing, says the creation of Singapore Lager came from a desire to produce a new, fresh locally-brewed beer to give Singaporeans more options for a homegrown pour.
“We wanted to create a beer that is fresh, flavoursome and super easy to drink, that isn’t going to blow the budget and you can enjoy regularly. Our aim was to create a brew that walks the line between the freshness of a craft and the drinkability of a mainstream beer - and I’m proud to say that we have achieved that,” says Barratt. “Singapore Lager is Singapore’s beer, which has been brewed with love by everyone on the team. We consider it to be a better beer, for everyone.”
singapore lager
Our media team cannot agree more with Barratt's words
Get Your Free Beers Here!
The folks behind Singapore Lager are celebrating its launch in style and generosity by giving away free beers! Here are the outlets where you can redeem your free Singapore Lager:
1. Summerlong
Date: 31 May 2019
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Address: 60 Robertson Quay #01-04, Singapore 238252
2. Hero's
Date: 8 June 2019
Time: 8pm – 10pm
Address: 69 Circular Road, #01-01, Singapore 049423
Where to Find Singapore Lager
If you are craving for more of the Singapore's Lager refreshing golden liquid, hop on down to these establishments to get your fix:
1. The Depot
Address: 3 Depot Close, Level 4, Singapore 109840
2. Molly Malone's Irish Pub
Address: 56 Circular Rd, Singapore 049411
3. BQ Bar
Address: 39 Boat Quay, Singapore 049828
4. Bull & Bear
Address: 31 Pekin Street #01-01 Far East Square, Singapore 048761
5. Summerlong
Address: 60 Robertson Quay #01-04,Singapore 238252
6. Redmart
singapore lager
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