Celebrate Mid-Autumn as Blue Lotus Unveils Signature Collection of Rich Tradition and Fresh Modernity

blue lotus mooncakes
Celebrate the joyous reunion of the Mid-Autumn Festival with a deliciously decadent edge this year, as Blue Lotus unveils a selection of their much-anticipated signature mooncakes. Featuring a timeless baked classic of the white lotus paste mooncake and a contemporary snow skin “Mao Shao Wang” durian option, these exquisitely crafted mooncakes are created with utmost perfection using premium ingredients.
Perfect for the spirit of gifting among families, friends and corporate partners, the mooncakes are elegantly presented in Blue Lotus’ 4-tier tingkat tin box in vibrant colours – pastel blue and white. Splashed with Blue Lotus’ signature lanterns, these creations are a true testament to the Chinese tradition, symbolising good fortune.
Premium Egg Yolk Blend with White Lotus Paste, $78
blue lotus mooncakes
Traditional mooncake devotees are in for a treat with the everpopular classic Premium Egg Yolk Blend with White Lotus Paste. Filled with silky smooth fragrant white lotus seed paste and premium egg yolk, expect the perfect combination of textures and flavours with every bite. Savour the richness of this perennial favourite with aromatic Chinese teas, for the perfect pairing of elevated flavor.
‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian Snow Skin, $88
blue lotus mooncakes
Back by popular demand is Blue Lotus’ signature ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian Snow Skin. Durian aficionados can delight in the purest of luscious ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian pulp, encased in pillow-light snow skin. Delicately crafted, the sweet, soft and chewy skin contrasts perfectly with the fruit's distinctive bittersweet taste.
The Blue Lotus mooncakes are available for purchase at any Blue Lotus outlets from 1 July 2019 to 13 September 2019. Customised logo branding is also available, making it an ideal gift for corporate partners. Collection for pre-orders commences 16 August 2019.
For enquiries or orders, please contact the respective outlets or visit www.bluelotus.com.sg for online purchase. To sign up as a Blue Lotus member, visit https://www.bluelotus.com.sg/membership

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