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Tucked away in a quaint spot along a row of shophouses at Jasmine Road by Thomson Plaza is Little Part 1 Cafe, a cozy little cafe where three friends - two engineers and a designer - present their unique fusion recipes. There, individuals find a cozy for a lazy day out, couples a private romantic spot, and for groups, a place they can hang out playing board games for free.


Customers are spoilt for choice by a wide array in the menu of Western, Swedish and Japanese fusion dishes. But the all-time favourite is Swedish dish Little's Chicken Schnitzel ($18.90), a well-seasoned parmesan breaded chicken doused in clear wine sauce, served with a crisp, organic salad and accompanied by a light, buttery mash potato slightly sweetened with corn.

Another noteworthy item on the hit list is the Apple Crumble ($7.50). This humble apple pie is meticulously presented with a generous scoop of ice-cream dusted with cocoa powder and adorned with mint leaves. Slightly baked again just before serving, the crust remains crisp and the filling satisfyingly warm paired with just the right amount sweetness.

For drinks, the cafe is one of the few places on our little island you can find Belgian Beers in the affordable price range of $10 to $14. One popular choice is the Wittekerke Rose ($10), a refreshing and fruity rose-flavored beer, well-loved by both guys and girls. A bottle can fill up to two glasses, perfect for couples who want to lighten up and relax a little. If you are not in the mood for alcohol, the Big-mug Hot Chocolate ($6.50), served with toasted marshmallows, is a great companion to curl up with a book on the sofa in the cafe.


The Little Part 1 Cafe alludes an easy charm with its electic yet cozy atmosphere. On the walls of the small cafe are framed memories of the owners' travels and shelves of their old toys and collectibles. In the center of the cafe is a comfy sofa to snuggle up with a cuppa and a book from the well-stocked shelf next to the sofa, which makes Little Part 1 Cafe feel extra welcoming, especially so for one who is looking for a place to take things slow on a lazy day. What's more, you don't have to pay for plain water, or for service and prevailing GST and wi-fi is provided free.

For bigger groups, a limited selection of board games is thoughtfully provided as well. And for couples, the candle-lit al fresco area is an almost private romantic dining spot.

However, parking lots are scarce in the neighborhood area and it is advisable to park at Thomson Plaza which is a stone's throw away.

Little Part 1 Cafe
15 Jasmine Road
Adelphi Park Estate

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Telephone (65) 6451 7553

Opening hours
Mon, Wed and Thu 12pm - 10pm
Fri and Sat 12 pm - 12am
Closed on Tuesdays and daily from 3pm to 5.30pm

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