Xin Yuan Ji

One of the greatest challenges of work life is finding good and cheap lunch deals, especially for most freshgrads with unfortunate paychecks. But lucky for those who work around the Bugis area, they have Xin Yuan Ji, where they can find good zi char and sliced fish noodles at reasonable prices.


Xin Yuan Ji enjoys a constant stream of customers at all times of the day and especially so during lunch hours. Office workers swarm in from about 11.30am onwards for its affordable set lunches (under $6) on weekdays.

Favourites on the menu are the sweet and sour pork lunch set, the pork ribs lunch set and the seafood hor fun ($5). However, small portions are often an issue with customers. But make some noise with the servers and a upsized portion will be delivered promptly.

The assam curry fishhead ($20) - red snapper in sweet and spicy gravy - has been rather raved about but we much preferred the fish beehoon soup ($4.50) for a healthier and more cost-effective lunch. A generous portion of fresh fish is used with a well balanced amount of tomatoes and bitter gourd. Tasty and definitely healthier than most other lunch options.

The other must-order dish is the prawn paste chicken wings ($8 for six pieces). The wings are freshly fried; crispy on the outside, tender and juicy in the inside. The taste of the prawn paste is evident but not overwhelming. While we dare not claim it is the best in Singapore, it is definitely one dish that will not disappoint.


What mood? No mood larh. Extremely packed and noisy with all sorts of characters during lunch hours, this is no place for a relaxed chat with a colleague you are interested in. Sharing tables is not uncommon here and despite the many tables, including makeshift ones, customers often have to rush down at 12noon sharp or risk joining in a queue under the hot Singapore sun.

There are no GST and service charges here. And perhaps that is why service is known to be substandard here. We advise you to remind the servers at 10 minute intervals till your food is served.

All in all, the lack of ambience is worth enduring for the air-con and reasonably priced Fish Beehoon soup.

Xin Yuan Ji (Tan Quee Lan Street)
31 Tan Quee Lan Street
#01-01 Singapore 188117

Telephone (65) 6334 4086

Opening hours
11am - 1am daily

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