Tiong Shian Porridge Centre

Located at the corner of Keong Siak Road, this porridge place is popular with both youngsters and foreigners alike. Also, a popular stop over for night cycling groups. This double storey shop is well-known for its frog's leg porridge and is open 24-hours.

The Food:

The porridge is well-flavoured and not too salty. We'd suggest ordering a large frog's leg and side porridge to share. The price of a small claypot frog's leg is $8 and for large, $16. You're also spoiled for choice with a wide array of choice from mixed pork, seafood, sliced fish, chicken, and pork with century egg. But if porridge isn't your cup of tea, Tiong Shian also has your usual ZiChar delights. The portions are reasonable, but I won't say extremely generous. The food's good for a cool day especially in this rainy season, or a late night supper stop. But rather average.

The Mood:

Although the location is ideal for shoppers along Chinatown, parking is a dread. The location is in between Outram Park Station and Chinatown Station. Sheltered at a prominent corner, the upper level is usually my choice to get away from the crowd at street level, and not to mention the heat. Tiong Shian could use with some air-conditioning, but I guess this would lose it's oriental appeal of the olden day coffee shop if it did. It has however used technology well and you can tell the place is doing well from the very efficient service.

Tiong Shian Porridge Centre
265 New Bridge Road
Ann Kway Building
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Telephone (65) 6221 1596

Opening Hours:

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