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Once Upon A Milkshake (OUAM) might just be a fairytale come true for milkshake lovers and those with a sweet tooth. Hand-blended to a smooth, rich and thick texture with ice cream and fresh ingredients, any one of OUAM's nine signature drinks is a lifesaver - a quick breakfast replacement - for those who can't wake up early enough in the morning for breakfast.


For those who prefer to bite instead, there's only scoops of ice cream and light snacks like chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cheesecakes.

Here, Once Upon A Milkshake pays homage to the sidekick of ice-cream by putting the spotlight on milkshakes instead. The little cafe situated along Maxwell Road serves up nine different milkshakes, each with its own accompanying character graphic. As you sip your milkshake, read the story snippets behind each of them.

Flavours include Agent Strawberry, Grumbling Raisins, Cerious Maple, Vainilla Pot, Spooky Mocha, Nutty Peanut Butler, Sir Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Truffle Castle and most recently, Pirate Queen Peach. They come in two sizes - mini (S$3.30) and regular (S$5.50).


A result of endless experiments and dedication of owner, Alvin Ng, as well as tested and approved by his kitchen guru of a mother, each OUAM drink is a generous portion of fruits and ice-cream hand-blended to a perfect smooth texture with New Zealand low fat milk. The richly flavoured milkshakes are almost meals in itself and can be replacement drinks for those who can't wake up in time for breakfast.

FreshGrads's favourite is Agent Strawberry, a refreshing mix of strawberry goodness without a hint of overkill. Other popular choices include Nutty Peanut Butter and Grumbling Raisins.

There have, however, been grumbles, not about the Grumbling Raisins, but with regards to Sir Cookies & Cream and Cerious Maple being a tad too sweet. But as from replied on their facebook page, they are making improvements to that.


Once Upon A Milkshake outlet along Maxwell Road is dressed in a simple but sophisticated stark white decor against a royal purple background and matching white furniture. Friends and family can be found resting their feet or simply chilling out there after a long day at work and school. An hour-long 'Ice cream by candlelight' held every Saturday at 8pm - 9pm also creates a cosy ambience for couples.


As part of its opening promotion, they are giving away a free 50cents parking coupon for every S$10 spent between 11am to 10pm on weekends and public holidays, which will definitely be appreciated by Singaporean drivers. Another good deal: Like many other food establishments, OUAM has adopted a rewards card system. For every S$3 spent, you get a stamp and 9 stamps exchanges for 1 ouam S$3 cash voucher.

Once Upon A Milkshake
32 Maxwell Road #01-08 Maxwell Chambers
Tanjong Pagar, Singapore, 069115

Opening hours
11am - 11pm daily

Telephone (65) 9823 3779

Once Upon A Milkshake Location

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