Sweet Stone Parad'Ice

What comes to mind when you hear Belgium waffles?

You are most likely to conjure an image of a nice restaurant with fancy desserts or a classy cafe in your mind. But quality Belgium waffles - a great breakfast food as well as for dessert - can now be found at Sweet Stone Para'Ice, which also brings a wide range of hand-made gelato and authentic Belgium chocolate to Golden Mile Food Centre along Beach Road.


The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice, a cross-cultural establishment owned by a Belgian and a Singaporean, has a simple menu for success - Belgian Liège waffles, Belgian chocolate and hand-made gelato.

Unlike the traditional soft and (strangely) greenish-yellow waffles you can typically get from Prima Deli or any heartland bakery, these are thick Belgian waffles that go very well with the rich, pure and gooey chocolate that Belgian boss Sebastian imports from home. The waffles here are made from dough instead of the usual batter and hence, has a bread-like texture. This, however, also means that it does not fit our reasonable expectation for a crispy-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside texture. A wide range of gelato, including traditional flavours such as vanilla to more exotic ones like corn gelato, compensates for this disappointment though. Just like the waffles and chocolate dip offerings at The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice, the gelato here screams quality; a good way to cool down from the almost unbearable afternoon heat.

The humble waffle place offers several sets in various combinations of its three offerings and more. Set A ($2.50) comes with one waffle and a bowl of chocolate dip, Set B ($4.20) comes with 2 waffles and a chocolate dip, and Set C ($6) is essentially set B with an additional scoop of gelato. Feeling rich? Try the Royal set ($14.50) - chocolate fondue that comes in a claypot, assortment of fruits including strawberries, bananas, grapes and honeydew - for three.

The price of the desserts may turn some hawker goers away but for their offerings all fresh and handmade with high quality ingredients, it is reasonable.


At first glance, the little European dessert stall does not stand out from its neighbours. But take a closer look, you will find a clean, simple wood paneled wall decor and European offerings.

Seats are as other hawker stalls - free for all. So, be prepared to feel a little confused and even get a few stares. After all, desserts usually mean Ching Tng or Ice Kachang in hawker centres and foodcourts.

A loyalty rewards programme allows The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice customers to earn and redeem free waffles and gelato as they frequent the stall.

Sweet Stone Parad'Ice
Golden Mile Food Centre
Blk 505 Beach Road
Singapore 199583

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