How would a Malaysian chain serving Cantonese cuisine fare? Would it be up to the mark or would it stay "Malaysia Truly Asia"? FreshGrads was recently attracted by the cleverly placed Steamed Pig Buns advertisements in ION and checks Canton-i out…


First came the XO Carrot Cake, which was crunchy and well sautéed in XO sauce though we know of similar dishes done better elsewhere.

Next, the signature dish of Prawn Wanton Noodles consists of springy noodles and fat wantons bursting with flavour. The ingredients for this dish is said to be imported from Hong Kong. But again, it is not distinctive enough for me to return to the restaurant for.

What would make us return to Canton-i for would be the porridge. We specially loved the silky smooth and creamy porridge. According to the server, it consists of the three different grains of Japanese pearl rice, Australian thin rice, Thai fragrant rice and with dried scallops added for sweetness. The chefs start preparing the porridge at 7am daily. Perhaps that is why porridge at Canton-i is much thicker and better than that of Crystal Jade. The you tiao was also excellently crispy.

Another hit was the Roast Pork and Roast Duck combined platter. Both wood-fired meats were perfectly executed. The skin had the crucial crispiness to it, while the meat is moist and tender. Definitely something we would return for as well.

And finally arrives the adorable Steamed Pig Buns. Each order of the buns comes in pairs. The red-bean filled buns were tasty but nothing to rave about. Still, it served its purpose of attracting customers, especially kids, to the restaurant. Another dim sum you should keep in mind is the Steamed Golden Egg Yolk Custard Bun but do beware of the warm liquid egg yolk that spills out as you take a bite. Diners should also note that dim sum ends at 5pm to prevent disappointment.



White birdcages, pretty butterflies motifs and flora prints adorn the interior of Canton-i, intended to bring it to a garden-like atmosphere. The male species, however, might just be a little put off by the predominantly pink and white decor.

We were puzzled by the rumours of flies in Canton-i - how did those flies get into such a high-class, air-conditioned shopping mall and up three levels to the restaurant. We were fortunate enough to find Canton-i fly-free with brisk service when we visited.  

However, diners might want to think twice before heading to Canton-i well above the basements of ION - its prices might deter you. Though its dishes are slightly costlier than Crystal Jade for similar cuisine, they are tastier as well. DBS Card members may fray the cost  with a DBS promotion from now to 31 December 2010. With a purchase of above $100, members will receive a $10 DBS voucher.

Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn,
Singapore 238801

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Telephone 6509 8368

Opening hours
11am - 10pm daily

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