Raj Restaurant

Raj restaurant situated at No.76 Syed Alwi road is another delight for all vegetarians. It is one restaurant that offers its patrons everything from all varieties of thosais to both South and North Indian set meals.


It is Raj’s a la Carte dishes that are true gastronomic treats.


For starters, I would advise diners to try their samosas & vegetable sheik kebabs to prepare the digestive system for the main dishes.

For the lovers of Indian bread, there is a breathtaking range of naans & rotis from garlic tandoori (wheat grain) naan to kashmiri (topped with dried fruits) naan, of which is probably enough to calm the hunger pangs of the average person. There are also the plain chappati (Indian flat bread) and romali roti (paper thin bread).

As for the side dishes, they are separated into three broad categories, namely the several different varieties of dahl, cheese & vegetable dishes. Some, like my elder son, simply consider their palak paneer, which is a dish made up of spinach & cheese, irresistible.

Diners who cannot resist the soft texture of mushrooms will not want to miss their 'Kadai mushroom' dish which has a rich flavour of mushrooms, cheese & vegetables in equal measure of spicy sauce.

Next is a broad range of vegetable dishes. My own favourites include two ladyfingers dishes and the navrattan korma dish. Of the two ladyfingers dishes, one known as bhindi masala is cooked in a spicy tomato and chilli sauce while the other known as bhindi jhodpuri is cooked in a sweet and pleasant tasting creamy sauce. However, when ordering them, it is advised for diners to inform the waiter to go easy on the oil as such dishes in Indian restaurants tend to come soaked in oil. The navrattan korma dish, too, comes in a creamy sauce with a delightful mixture of fruits. The dish is unique; quite unknown anywhere else.

Lastly, for drinks & dessert, I would recommend lassi – sweet, sour or mango flavoured, Indian ice cream kulfi or, for those with a real sweet tooth, the gulab jamun (sweet donut doused in sugar syrup).

Price? It is nothing much to worry about or I wouldn't have gone there in the first place.


The restaurant, which aims to serve quality vegetarian food in a clean and appealing environment at attractive prices, is adorned in modern furnishings with simple, almost bare décor. Service during peak hours, however, may get tardy at times.

Raj Restaurant

Syed Alwi Road Branch
76 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207655

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(65) 6297 1716

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