Muthiah Restaurant

I have been looking around for sometime as to where I might recommend my non-vegetarian friends for their meals. And I believe I have hit upon the best place for lovers of both Indian vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. It is Muthiah Restaurant situated at No.11 Hindoo Road (right opposite  Broadway Hotel along Serangoon Road).


Being a vegetarian, I went into it by chance one day when a close friend of mine insisted that I should try the fare there. He, of course, assured me that the thosais there, as with everything else, is nothing but the best.

To say that my friend was not off the mark is an understatement.

The thosais are indeed one of the best, if not the best, and they come at less than $2.00 a piece depending on the type of thosai one chooses. I dare say one will not be able to find anywhere else in Singapore that sells good thosais at this price. They are also much bigger and no less tastier than those served anywhere else here.

It is the same for meals, vegetarian or non vegetarian. The portions at Muthiah are large, the price is a steal and the food itself spicy, tasty. I have a chinese friend who after being introduced to the restaurant is forever raving mad about the masala mutton and chicken. Muthiah also offers chilli crabs for those fond of the fare. Needless to say he is now a regular patron of the Restaurant with his friends.

Their briyanis, available usually on Thursdays for lunch, is so popular that, I am informed, that an important personality makes it a point to order the briyani for lunch every week for himself and his company.

One tip, though, for those who are really fond of spicy stuff. The spicy gravy, which comes with a lot of chilli, onions and garlic, alongside meals, is available only from 12.00 pm onwards.

So if you are going there for the real thing you will have to wait till lunchtime. Still, it is well worth the wait.

Muthiah Restaurant
11 Hindoo Road
Singapore 209110

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Telephone (65) 6291 1485

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