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Right at the doorstep of the new Bras Basah (depending on which exit you emerge from) is Food for Thought @Queen Street, a witty restaurant with a cosy feel, hearty portions and a good cause.  

For one, we were tickled by the packs of tissue paper with the sticker "Chope!" plastered across, used in place of reservation signs.


While waiting, we downed a Real Hot Chocolate ($5) which didn't come hot. That is promptly solved by the server though. Between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, we chose the latter. It was perfect – not too sweet and with a tinge of bitterness.

We would have loved to try the Flavoured Milkshakes (choices include: Earl Grey Vanilla, Mixed Berries Vanilla and Mocha) but the prices deterred us. We secretly wished they would increase the price of their relatively cheap House White and Red Wine ($10) in return for cheaper milkshakes!


First came the Potato Gratin with Garlic Mushroom ($6), a dish that is not meant to be a meal alone though it is potentially filling. Generous amounts of cheese accompanies a not-so-generous amount of potato as well as garlic mushrooms.

The Broccoli & Bacon Risotto ($15), which comes with generous portions of nicely pan-fried bacon and broccoli, was extremely filling and tasty though the risotto itself was a tad too dry and slightly on the bland side. Gulping a little warm water here would do the trick.


And finally, the best for the last – desserts! After all the rave reviews, the Red Velvet Cake was disappointing. What secured my return trip was instead the Peanut Butter & Jelly Pudding – basically a toppled moist peanut butter muffin drowned in sweet vanilla sauce.

A must-try would be the apple crumble – the crumbles were baked to a perfect crisp, the sliced apples tart and juicy and the homemade vanilla ice-cream just so heavenly.

I have yet to be hungry enough to try the Full Works ($18) – scrambled eggs, bacon, garlic mushrooms, chicken sausages, hash browns, toasted brioche with roasted tomato salad – but it came highly recommended.

In all, besides the desserts, the food wouldn't make you go wow but the entire package – witty details, good causes it supports and the laid-back vibe of the restaurant – has guaranteed my return several times.


Having visited this branch when it first opened doors to diners, I brushed aside the sub-standard service to teething problems. But having visited Food for Thought @Queen Street for more than five times now, there is simply no excuse. There are two kinds of service staff there – the blur and the nonchalant. Well, there is no service charge and this could be overlooked for the leisurely vibe of the restaurant and its food quality.

Compared to the first branch, tables at Food for Thought @Queen Street are set more spaciously apart thanks to a bigger shopfront with high ceilings. Nonetheless, reservations are strongly recommended as this branch is just as popular or even more so.

Last but not the least, iced water is served free but a small note in the menu suggests you donate $2 to bless one African for a year in support of the Living Water International. The restaurant also supports eight kids from World Vision.

Food for Thoughts @Queen Street
8 Queen Street
Singapore 188535

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Telephone (65) 6338 9887

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