B Bakery

Nestled deep in laid-back Kampong Glam is quaint little B Bakery with a great array of offerings including soups, salads, mains like pizza and pasta, as well as desserts such as cakes, and of course, freshly baked bread.  

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Swirl Art

Always dreamt of helping yourself to the soft serve ice cream machine at MacDonald's? You can now do that: DIY your own frozen yogurt at self-serve froyo boutique, Swirl Art, and be prepared to eat your art out!

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Muthiah Restaurant

I have been looking around for sometime as to where I might recommend my non-vegetarian friends for their meals. And I believe I have hit upon the best place for lovers of both Indian vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. It is Muthiah Restaurant situated at No.11 Hindoo Road (right opposite  Broadway Hotel along Serangoon Road).

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8 Wine Terms You Should Know

You don't have to be an expert to drink wine, but in the world of business, a little knowledge goes a long way and might make just that little difference in whether you clinch the deal or not. Besides, you may need to select the wines for a company dinner, or host a dinner at a restaurant for clients.

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Japanese restaurant Tampopo, which means dandelion in the native language, is famous for its extensive value-for-money menu of Hokkaido Ramen, Kyushuu Ramen and variations of its Black Pig Tonkatsu.

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