I'm Full of Crab!

"I'm Full of Crab!" buffet by the SQUARE restaurant, part of the "Flavours of the World" Buffet, is as its name suggests - a sinful free-flow of crabs. On top of other side dishes, diners may order and eat as many chilli crabs, black pepper crabs and garlic butter crabs as they can finish at the SQUARE restaurant. The FreshGrads team seeks to satisfy our carbohydrate cravings there.

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Raj Restaurant

Raj restaurant situated at No.76 Syed Alwi road is another delight for all vegetarians. It is one restaurant that offers its patrons everything from all varieties of thosais to both South and North Indian set meals.

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The French Stall

The French Stall did it again. The fuss-free French restaurant that can be likened to the French equivalent of Botak Jones is now closer to home for lucky residents in Ubi. Only this time, it is bigger and better in both service and space.

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Paulaner Brauhaus


Pork knuckles topped with sauerkraut, an array of grilled sausages, salads, cheese, ham and cakes… I can almost wax lyrical about it. And have I already mentioned the beers? FreshGrads brings you the wonderful Sunday brunch at the Paulaner Brauhaus – a great reason to get out of bed on a sleepy weekend.

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Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

Because we all love ice-cream!

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