Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

Because we all love ice-cream!

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How would a Malaysian chain serving Cantonese cuisine fare? Would it be up to the mark or would it stay "Malaysia Truly Asia"? FreshGrads was recently attracted by the cleverly placed Steamed Pig Buns advertisements in ION and checks Canton-i out…

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Chinese New Year is here as well as the season for festive mass meals like hot-pots and yusheng. But unlike in the recent past, families that traditionally dine at home have taken to restaurants for a fuss-free reunion dinner. FreshGrads checks out JPot at VivoCity as a choice for the yearly reunion dinner.

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Sweet Stone Parad'Ice

What comes to mind when you hear Belgium waffles?

You are most likely to conjure an image of a nice restaurant with fancy desserts or a classy cafe in your mind. But quality Belgium waffles - a great breakfast food as well as for dessert - can now be found at Sweet Stone Para'Ice, which also brings a wide range of hand-made gelato and authentic Belgium chocolate to Golden Mile Food Centre along Beach Road.

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Why Yogurt?

Lunch is over and you are still three hours away from dinner. What can you do except to snack? Office workers often snack during office hours be it as a quick meal or simply to shut the growling stomach up. Here, yogurt represents a good healthy choice. And with frozen yogurt (or Fro Yo) stores like Frolick and Yoguru mushrooming across the island, Singaporeans now have the choice of having yogurt cool them down in the humid weather on top of being a healthy treat.

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