Preventing Constipation the Natural Way

Preventing_Constipation_the_Natural_WayEver squirmed in your seat, unable to focus, during an important meeting? Or have your legs weak and colleagues watching as you run to and fro the washroom? If you have fewer than three bowel movements a week, you are suffering from constipation. No fret though. Making some changes in your lifestyle will help you prevent this problem.

Drink up!

Dehydration is a reason why some people suffer from constipation so drink up! Eight glasses of water could be easily consumed throughout the day. Make it a point to have a glass on your work desk and to refill it on your way to the washroom.

Coffee, tea and alcohol, especially beer, dehydrates you. Make an extra effort to avoid all these when you are feeling constipated.


Top up on fibre! Food high in fibre include fruits, vegetables, beans and whole-wheat or whole-grain breads and oatmeals. Cultivate a habit of eating fruits after lunch or dinner each day. Have these foods in their most natural state as possible. For example, if possible, do not juice the fruit but have it whole. If all else fails, you might have to purchase some fibre supplements from the pharmacy for quick remedy.


Regular exercise helps move the bowels. Schedule some time on a weekly basis to do some simple work out such as walking your dog or taking the longer way to work.


Make it a habit to clear your bowels at the same time and even the same place each day by waking up five to 10 minutes earlier than before – be patient. One good time would be in the morning after breakfast. Also, whenever nature calls, answer.

Keep to these simple, healthy tips rather than relying on laxatives and, before long, you will be relieved of such a pesky, disruptive problem.

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