Control your Cravings

Control_your_CravingsTend to munch mindlessly as you go about your work only to realise that you have gained a few unnecessary kilos? We get that often too, so here are some tips to control the desire to overindulge.

The Attitude

To change away the bad habit of over-snacking or adopt the good habit otherwise, it will take some time and your resolve has to be there! Note what you consume each meal and make an effort even before the craving start such as not stocking up on snacks in the office.

Set Goals

If you take in a bowl of popcorn every day, it is near impossible for you to stop all together at once. And if somehow you manage to do so, you may end up overeating for your main meals or in the middle of the night. Set mini goals for yourself and consciously appreciate your success. This would motivate you to stick to the plan.

Eat, but in Small Portions

Also, as mentioned before, rather than starving yourself by skipping main meals just to feel less guilty when you snack, it is better to take small meals. And if you really have to, snack healthy. Never stock junk food in your home or office. Instead, prepare some healthy snacks like nuts, cheese and vegetables for emergencies.

Nip it in the Bud

What is the root of the problem? What is causing you to overeat? Perhaps you are eating too little for your main meals, or over-snacking may be a sign of stress or even depression. Give it a thought and nip the problem in the bud rather than covering up the symptoms.

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