Brushing Up Your Pearlies

Brushing_Up_On_Your_PearliesA set of bright, perfect teeth not only brightens one's face up, but is also a reflection of an organized, hygienic personality. Here's how to maintain your pearly whites.


Not properly brushing your teeth will result in a build-up of plaque, and eventually result in gum disease or tooth decay. This should be done at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before you turn in at night.

While most of us have gone through the dental lessons in school, many of us are not doing it right. One should brush the top and bottom rows of our teeth separately at a 45 degree angle with the bristles facing the gum. Move from one end to another, being sure to polish each tooth at least 10 times and not forgetting to brush our molars all the way at the back.

Brush bristles should be soft and fine. If you find your gums a little swollen after brushing, you will want to change to one with even softer bristles or try brushing less strongly for you might have used too much strength. If you are using an electric toothbrush, you need not do additional movements.


Flossing may seem like an unnecessary additional step for some. However, there is good reason to floss your teeth especially after meals or before you turn in for then night – it removes bacteria between the teeth that is unreachable by the brush and allows the fluoride to work more effectively.


Love to swirl that sweet cola about your mouth before gulping it down? Think twice, if you love your pearly whites. Carbonated drinks tend to be rather acidic and are capable of dissolving your tooth when subjected to long-term exposure. If you need to have that sugary drink, use a straw to reduce exposure and drink plain water after.

Now that you know the do not's, here's the recommended chows. Go for dairy products such as milk and cheese – for they are anticariogenic and help to prevent cavities from forming. They are also high in calcium, which strengthens your teeth.

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