Exercise at Work

Work takes up a huge part of our lives, and is a great excuse for our bulging waistline. While these simple stretching exercises that can be done in the office will not replace traditional workouts such as running and swimming, they help keep the blood circulation going and the guilt from lunch away.


Extend your left arm fully in front of you. With your palms facing outwards, use your right hand to pull flex your fingers backwards, towards yourself. Hold your arm in this position for about thirty seconds. Repeat for the other side. This is a simple exercise that could freshen you up after focusing hard at work.


Place both of your hands on the table with palms faced down. Press as hard as you can for about eight seconds. Repeat this for five to eight sets. Besides an exercise for the shoulders and upper back, this is a good stress relief activity too!


Put your palms together, as if praying, and push your hands left to right before rotating in and out. Gently do this for five repetitions at your own pace. Be sure to feel the strain but not to the point of pain.

Lower Back

Sit up straight and put your left arm on your left hip. Turn to your left, having your right hand on your left knee to counter the resistance. Hold in this position for about thirty seconds. Repeat for the other side. 


For stretching your lower body, the office chair is an invaluable tool. Make sure it is lowered enough for your knees to be in ninety degrees. Lift your foot up a few centimetres with your knee further bent. As with other exercises, repeat for the other side.


Similarly, sit upright with your stomach in and lift up your left leg a good 180 degrees till it is parallel to the ground. Squeeze the quadriceps as tightly as you can for three seconds. Repeat this for 10 times before moving on to the other leg.


Pressing your hands down on the table (as with the arms exercise) and lifting your legs up (as with the legs exercise), you could work out both arms and legs at the same time while remaining stable.

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