Barefoot Running – An Alternative Fitness Idea

Remember the times as a child when you’d run all over the place barefoot, much to the dismay of your mother? As we grew up, footwear became increasing important to us – such that we hardly ever leave the house barefoot anymore.

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Working off the Festive Fats

So the festive period is drawing to an end, and you’re feeling really good with all the bonuses and red packets you received. Even your pockets are feeling heavier from the extra income… until you look down and realize perhaps the extra weight is coming from your paunch instead. Well, a belly is a sign of prosperity, no? Alas, the mantra health is wealth gels better with graduates from the 21st century.

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Fitness Tips for the New Year

Tops on everyone's New Year resolution list almost always includes something related to keeping fit or living a healthy lifestyle. We know because it's on our list too! To help you along, we've included three simple tips that can make a big difference to your lifestyle and your goals.

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5 Simple Personal Safety Tips

In the safe and cosy confines of Singapore, we are often lulled into an overly confident sense of security. Many of us read the news or hear about an incident, we think to ourselves that we are lucky not to have much of such situations in Singapore. However, this is a very risky mindset to take. Does “low crime doesn’t mean no crime” sound familiar?

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Six Common Health Myths

Ever heard that cracking your knuckles could cause arthritis in old age? Or are you worrying about hitting the quota of eight glasses of water a day? There are so many old wives' tales and half-truths out there but how many of them are really worth your concern? Here, we clear the air around six common health myths.

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