My Foot Reflexology

Nestled in a corner of Centrepoint along Orchard road is My Foot Reflexology, a social enterprise that employs visually- or hearing-impaired masseurs. Now, working executives could feel good and do good at the same time. Besides, foot reflexology are known to have great health benefits such as improving blood circulation, soothe aching muscles and even improve moods.

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4 Cs to Consider for Gym Membership

Sure, signing up for membership at the one of the many fitness gyms that are mushrooming all over our little island puts you in a convenient position to battle that fast growing belly of yours. But signing up for gym membership does not equate to your actual exercising and the eventual removal of those excess fat. To objectively determine if that membership is really worth it, here are four C's to consider before signing up.

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Tips to Safe Starting your Exercise Regime

Haven't been exercising for what it seems like forever and you are raring to restart that rusty engine of yours? Well, before you race outside, make sure you are ready. That means more than just slapping on that sunscreen and donning on those figure-hugging Nike slacks. The last thing you want is a sprained ankle or heatstroke. Follow our three basic start-safe steps and you will be ready in a jiffy.

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Absolute Yoga

Absolute Studio

Yoga. Think its no sweat? Well, think again.

What seems like mere stretching and balancing is really a much more challenging task than it looks. Instead of using raw strength, yoga goes for balance, poise, breathing control and meditation. Each posture challenges both mind and body.

And at Absolute Yoga, they take it further. Instead of "No pain, no gain", it is "No sweat, no gain" at Absolute Yoga, which specialises in Bikram-based hot yoga.

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Pure Yoga

Pure Yoga 1
While yoga studios tend to specialise in one or two types of yoga, Pure Yoga offers several at once - Anusara, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga and many more - as well as dance and yoga-hybrid classes such as Indo Hip Hop and Yoga Dance. Pre-natal yoga, yoga for kids and even yoga for family, rarely found in other yoga studios, can also be found at Pure Yoga.

With more than 320 classes between its two studios every week - several of the classes suited for beginners - and two convenient locations at Ngee Ann City and Raffles Place, the yoga chain is a good place to begin the battle of the bulge.

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