Tips to Safe Starting your Exercise Regime

Haven't been exercising for what it seems like forever and you are raring to restart that rusty engine of yours? Well, before you race outside, make sure you are ready. That means more than just slapping on that sunscreen and donning on those figure-hugging Nike slacks. The last thing you want is a sprained ankle or heatstroke. Follow our three basic start-safe steps and you will be ready in a jiffy.

Walk Before You Run

Follow the 10 per cent rule. Start with 10 per cent of what you think you can do, and slowly push yourself further. For example, take a stroll in a park you have never been to before actually running in it. You are also more likely to fall or sprain yourself on unfamiliar terrains.

On top of that, when doing a form of exercise that repeats use of a particular muscle, it would be good to pace yourself to prevent exertion. Go for exercises that employs an even the different muscles such as swimming and rock climbing.

Save Your Skin

Heat rash results when sweat ducts get choked and appears as tiny bumps on the surface of your skin, especially in between folds.

To avoid this, wear clothes that allows your skin to breathe and use oil-free sunscreens. Bring along a towel and stay dry as moisture tends to be more conducive for the condition.

Prevent Bug Bites

The buggers tend to be attracted to bright colours so choose your outdoor sportswear in light or pastels and leave the rest for indoor activities like studio yoga. Bees are also attracted to certain scents so it's advisable to skip the perfumes as well.

Lastly, of course, how could we forget the insect repellent? Check chemical content for picaridin – the higher the concentration, the longer it will last. Likewise, for those who go for organic products, check for the oil of lemon eucalyptus.

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