Mini Shopaholic

Just when you thought that was the end of the shopaholic series, here comes bestselling novelist Sophie Kinsella's latest installment – the "Mini Shopaholic".

Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood), now a mother who pretends to be a responsible parent in public, returns with a mini version of herself. Two-year-old Minnie wrecks havoc whatever she goes – from flagging down her own cabs, bidding for designer wear on eBay, to chanting her favourite word "mine". In short, Mini Shopaholic is double the trouble.

But contrary to focusing on Minnie's exploits in the shopping world, Mini Shopaholic features Becky and more of her crazy antics: planning the most fabulous surprise birthday party for her no-nonsense husband amid a recession, in which she promises him not to go shopping until she wears everything in her wardrobe – not once but thrice! To add on to her troubles, a very stubborn Minnie shows clear signs of inheriting her mother's shopaholic genes... and that of a spoilt child.

Unsurprising. After all, the story unfolds with Becky candidly convinces herself that Minnie needs a new toy pony and even justifies that by giving her toddler pocket money to "learn how to handle her finances from a young age".

That, and other many amusing reasoning is what wins the shopaholic series a great number of fans and readers – each and every one has a shopaholic inside of them that identifies with Becky. And we all root for her despite a nagging frustration that goes "why doesn't she ever learn?".

Like the rest of the series, the book is related from Becky's point of view, save for the few hilarious letters from places she wrote to. So, if you are a fan of the shopaholic series, you will love the Mini Shopaholic. If you are not, this is nonetheless one book to unwind with.

And good news for the fans, you haven't seen the last of Becky: the indulgent series seems to hint at a sequel in Hollywood and involving Luke Brandon's almighty mother, Elinor.

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