What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful" by career coach Marshall Goldsmith is one book that highlights the uncannily obvious interpersonal issues that already successful persons are often blind to and provides instructions on how to overcome them to remain successful.

Instead of telling us what to do, he chooses to tell readers what not to do. The career advice book works largely by challenging the reader to identify common pitfalls such as overestimating your own contribution to a project and the failure to open up to other's feedback or suggestions as well as behavioural problems that is familiar to self-help books. On this note, he also dispenses honest advice that may seem almost too ordinary: listen more than you speak, remember your P's and Q's, heed advice, hold your tongue and many others.

But what makes the book stands out is the author's ability to succinctly teach what he does for a living in words. He brings out relevant anecdotes and examples to illustrate the many points he is trying to make while giving step-by-step instructions – all these jam-packed in a 200-page book.

Author Marshall Goldsmith is a celebrated career coach as well as a lecturer of management-related courses who is recognised by virtually every professional organisation in his field such as Academy of Management, Human Resource Planning Society and the American Society for Training and Development. But though we may not be able to afford the high coaching fees he charges, we could get part of the man's knowledge through his comprehensive career guide.

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