Choose A Career And Discover Your Perfect Job

Choose a Career and Discover Your Perfect Job by Gary Vurnum is one book that stands out from the academically "chim" books by being short and to the point while being comprehensive at the same time. That is, on top of the free career tests it includes.

Through a series of questions and exercises that the pretty interactive book guides us through, we will be able to identify our own strengths and weakness, bringing to attention what we should be aware of and then recommending changes and actions to be made.

The advice offered is informed by the author's own life and work experience as well as from the many people he has met along the way. He also draws examples and tips that could be easily implemented in your daily life, and some which should be made a habit.

Gary Vurnum has his beginnings as an online self-improvement expert but later grew in popularity so much so that he has since authored over twenty books on various topics.

In all, if you are having second thoughts about your current job or wondering what you need to change to improve on the current one, this is the book for you.

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