How to Start a Business When You are Young

As a fresh graduate, you may be inspired by the many success stories of young entrepreneurs that seem to be all over the news and the Internet these days. But how do you actually translate that genius spark of a business idea to reality? With hard work, support and advice from appropriate sources including mentors and resource books such as How to Start a Business When You are Young by Barrie Hawkins and Luke Wing, it is possible to begin your first step.

Think of the book as a comprehensive guide to starting a business. You will be asked questions to find out if one has what it takes to be entrepreneur, evaluate the options available to you and given the guideline to set up the framework for the business.

How to Start a Business When You are Young will also highlight considerations for budding entrepreneurs, provide them tips on how to secure finance and managing it, as well as handling human resource, networking and mentoring among others – in short, every aspect of running a business.

Most importantly, this book by Hawkins and Wing is backed up by testimonials from young successful entrepreneurs who has the same concerns as a fresh graduate or any young person keen to start his own business. Hence, it provides much needed inspiration for all, and a great book to begin your entrepreneurial journey with.

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