The Startup Garden

You are convinced by the benefits of being your own boss and you have what it takes to make it work. What is most important now, before you actually throw in your life savings, is to determine what business best fits you. The Startup Garden by Tom Ehrenfeld does just that.

The book assists you to reexamine your life goals, discover your experiences and interests, and match them to a suitable enterprise. After all, passion is necessary to sustain a business venture.

The chapters then go deep into how to manage your start up from beginning to end, with aspects such as marketing, managerial skills and finances. For example, where to raise the all-important capital like investments and loans, as well as ways to stretch your every dollar. Each chapter, if not section, is also well illustrated with success stories to emulate.

Many books teach us how to run a business but rarely there is one that teaches us how to choose the right one. The Startup Garden is one such book and is recommended for those raring to start a business but unsure of exactly what as well as for serial entrepreneurs.

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