To the Max

In the increasingly competitive world of business, revenue leakage could just be the downfall of your business or the reason why it is obstructed from doing better. Here, To the Max | Revenue Maximization: Capturing the Opportunities Within by Randy Browning and Sameer Kumar guides you to putting a stop to revenue leakage as well as maximising it.

Even with strict controls and auditing, management teams often find themselves with five to ten per cent of total revenue leakage – an amount that could be costlier than just a matter of profits in the current cut-throat business world. Here, To the Max: Revenue Maximization: Capturing the Opportunities Within packs several strategies and solutions to identify and curb revenue leakage with the four core strategies of integrating revenue maximisation into all of a company's day-to-day processes; implementing key automated tools; creating a revenue responsible organisation and; binding and embeding these strategies with quantifiable monitoring mechanisms. And also to maximise revenue through four types of revenue capture: Immediate capture; Preventive capture; Opportunity capture and Efficiency capture.

Who better than veterans from the established firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers to pen this book? As such, the book dishes out practical advice, applicable for the real world rather than just on paper – an area many books seem to fall short of.

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