A Quick Start Guide to Social Media Marketing

A Quick Start Guide to Social Media Marketing is a user-friendly book that provides a broad overview, covering all grounds that marketing professionals who wish to keep up with the ever-changing life should know.

Readers will learn the benefits of social media marketing, apply it to advertising, PR and sales promotion, get a sense of what is the commonly perceived ethical behaviour, get to know how to value add and gain new customers through this new medium, as well as the implications of this tool for managing communications. A summary at the end of each chapter and questions to assist readers gain a deeper understanding are found at the end of each chapter.

While some might find the book a tad too much of a touch-and-go with hardly much insights, it is a useful textbook-style resource for beginners who wish to get their fundamental knowledge right and in a comprehensive and organised manner.

This, authors Neil Richardson, Ruth M Gosnay and Angela Carroll ensures well. They are each experts in the various aspects that the book is made up of. While a senior lecturer in Marketing at Leeds Business School, Richardson also has a vast background in the private sector in sales, marketing and customer service. Gosnay, also a senior lecturer in Marketing, co-authored Develop Your Marketing Skills with Richardson before this title. And adding on her expertise to this book is also Carroll, a senior teaching Fellow at the Leeds University Business School.

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