The Shift

The_ShiftThe Shift by renowned self-development speaker and writer of over 30 books, Dr Wayne W. Dyer, is one of the very rare self-help books that gets remade into a movie or, more specifically, a docu-drama.

Dr Dyer examines our life and spiritual journey from ambition to meaning, and guides us towards living purposefully and meaningfully in four chapters: From, Ambition, To, and Meaning. Yes, in these four chapters, the book aims to literally shift its readers from ambitions drilled into us from infancy to seeking a worthy purpose in life.

The chapter "From" illustrates the ego constructs – towards achievements and fame – we were taught since young by both parents and society and contrasts it to what we would eventually strive for in our later years while "Meaning" completes the slim book with an "independent" end, one that you choose for yourself, not as you are expected of others. And it ends aptly with the Turkish proverb, "No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back".

Though written in a gentle, unpushy tone, The Shift is by no means meant for people looking for small, incremental changes to uplift their lives. Reason being, this shift requires a fundamental change in the way we get motivated and driven to do something. For example, some suggestions made include pursuing a meditation practice and being non-judgmental. Things that sound way easier than they are.

While this book may apply more to some than others, it is one good book to get started on thinking what your true purpose in life is. If a book is simply too time-consuming for the busy you, try catching the more relaxing and less demanding movie version of The Shift. On the other hand, for those who have already caught the movie, you may wish to read the book, which goes into greater detail than the movie.

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