How to Close Every Sale

How_to_Close_Every_SaleVoted the World's Greatest Salesman by the Guinness Book of Records for 12 years consecutively, and also author of bestsellers How to Sell Anything to Anybody and How to Sell Yourself, Joe Girard guides readers through every step of the sales process and dishes out advice gleaned from his experience in his latest work, How to Close Every Sale.

He begins from the very very basics of doing your preparation work and knowing your stuff then works his way in great detail to things like assuming a sale and following up for repeated business and customer referrals.

He also spends a chapter on one tough topic we all have to deal with – handling objections. However, as a savvy consumer I would like to believe myself is, some of his advice are exceedingly irrelevant or plain annoying. An example would be assuming sales repeatedly even after being turned down several times, and especially the part about ignoring certain objections.

Still, overall, the basics of sales are illustrated in great detail and with plentiful examples that would be extremely useful for the new salesperson. On top of advising the newbies, he also touches on ethic issues that one may have to deal with in the course of work, especially those in the business of auto sales and insurance.

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