Tila March

Tila_MarchGood news for ladies who love classy and timeless designs! French luxury brand Tila March lands in Scotts Square, Singapore, the brand's only extension in South East Asia.

Founded in 2006 by fashion editor and stylist of Elle (France) Tamara Taichman and her partner Nicolas Berdugo, Tila March was born along with the signature Zelig bag, a casual chic tote bag that is both ultra-light, spacious and convenient with a snap closure.

Following the success of her first creation, later bags Tila March are well-loved by celebrities and seen on the arms of A-list stars such as Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rachel Bilson. No surprise since they are classy, convenient and exclusive all at once; items from the premium range comes in only one piece per colour.

The minimalistic yet elegant designs of her bags are translated to another key love and essential fashion item of ladies too, as the fashionistas later ventured into creating shoes. So, check out the stylish Parisian brand the next time you are at Scotts Square, and arm yourself with some classy key fashion pieces too!

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