The Sartorialist

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Scott Schuman, the blogger of now famous fashion blog, has come up with a satisfying print version - a 512-page picture book which collects his favourite photos from the past four years.

Schuman, who also shoots for GQ and Vogue, clearly demonstrates how good a photographer he is by bringing out the characters of the strangers-turned-subjects he meets and finds interesting right from the streets. He celebrates real world wearable style versus runway fashion style from all over the world - New York, France, Italty, London and many more - with beautiful photographs of real and well-dressed people as they go about their daily business.

Some photos are also accompanied with personal comments on why Schuman finds the subject photoworthy. FreshGrads's only gripe is that he doesn't write about every single one of his photo subject. Someone should really accompany him on his shoots and get the stories of his subjects down on paper.

While one may browse through Schuman's blog, stopping only to see an image that catches his eye, The Sartorialist book demands more of an idyllic read to be slowly savoured.

Many pictures found in the book are have never appeared on the website so cheapskate fans out there can forget about printing and binding it yourself. Besides, the book makes the perfect coffee table book or as a gift for a fashionable friend.

There is also a limited hardcover version named The Sartorialist: (Bespoke Edition), which sells at a much, much more expensive tag.

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