Eat Pray Love

"Eat, Pray, Love" is the insightful and humorous travelogue of now renowned writer Elizabeth Gilbert, who is also the author of nonfiction bestseller 'The Last American Man'. In her latest and safely said to be most popular book to date with the book published over twenty languages and a movie adaptation starring Julia Roberts coming up, she chronicles her journey of self-discovery and healing across Italy, India and Indonesia with frank witty accounts of emotions and events.

Freshly wounded from an emotionally draining divorce at the age of 34 and attacked by periodic bouts of depression, she decided to "explore the art of pleasure in Italy, the art of devotion in India and in Indonesia, the art of balancing the two". Throughout her book, the captivating writer reveals honest and real suicidal thoughts she once had and also laughs at herself with detailed descriptions of her outlandish experiences in a conversational tone. For one, she recalls her first time speaking to God: "I've always been a big fan of your work". 

At times, however, her almost completely smooth-sailing trip and accompanying events like her praying in the form of a love poem to her nephew and having him healed instantly halfway across the globe raises the eyebrow of readers like myself. Though to her credit, her account of contracting a urinary tract infection after too much lovemaking seemed laughably possible. Also, the middle section of her book in India's ashrams drags its feet and bores readers. Just like she was unable to really quieten her mind down to mediate, her accounts of just that was unable to hold its readers' attention there.

But perhaps what draws readers to Elizabeth Gilbert is her willingness to admit a goofy self as well as the very real issue leaving a conventional life to facing challenges in living out one you really desire and coming to terms with that - an issue we commonly face.

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