Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade

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They say laughter is the best medicine. This book is just that with its deadpan hum our and the exact thoughts you were thinking every morning such as How to...wake up. Guy Browning put together his collection from his Guardian columns to compile this excellent easy read of Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade.

The book is great for humour that relates to everyday life. You can see how much fun he is having in the writing by his fluency and intellect. He pokes fun at everything from the sports athlete, the extreme sports enthusiast, the teenagers of today, neighbours, love, marriage and most of all ourselves in our best and worst states. A little expert from How to...extreme sports.

      “ It’s vital if you’re going to do any kind of extreme sport to dress like you’re a surf dude and to shout ‘Whoaaaaa!!!’ when you’re doing it. Turning up in a comfortable tweed jacket and doing something extreme while whistling nonchalantly just makes everyone else feel as though they’re wasting their time….

      The big secret with extreme sports is that they’re all rather easy. That’s because all extreme sports are gravity assisted. No one classes ultra-marathon running or single-handed circumnavigation or Arctic crossing as extreme sports because they require monumental effort, discipline and strength. Besides which you’d freeze your nads off in surf gear and nobody would hear you going ‘Whoaaaa!!!’ when you disappeared down a ninety-foot crevasse.”

I'd recommend this book to anyone who can't keep still for more than 10 minutes in the same spot. I assure you, this book will. Each of his columns on the How tos... is about 2 pages long. You'll soon realise you're addicted to the book and can't put it down. If you think this is a self-help book for individuals, think again. It really isn't that, but more like a humourous outlook on life and its little challenges.

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