Straits Times Career Guide 2010

Available at all major bookstores at $6.80.

The Straits Times Career Guide 2010 is a practical resource - a combination of a career data bank and job profiles as well as projections of starting salaries in various positions - which will be useful to both fresh graduates seeking employment and professionals looking at a career switch.

One of the few guides available locally for individuals seeking work that suits their unique skills, talents and passions, the comprehensive book covers descriptions of jobs in 25 industries from accounts clerk to sales manager to air force captain and many others. It also includes personality features of real people on the job such as lawyer Francine Lai and public relations practitioner Carol Wee, as well as career advice and interview tips.

The book is divided into the three overarching sections:

1. Charting the Course, which includes an overview of the latest salaries in key industries as well as useful tips to kickstart your job search.

2. Planning your Route, with insider's tips on how you can ace that interview and how to prepare for your new career. The career data bank and job profiles is also found within this section.

3. Reaching your Destination, provides useful information on how you can enhance your career as well as entrepreneurial options and advice.

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