Smoothie Heaven

Filled with recipes for all kinds of smoothies, plus comprehensive chapters on smoothie ingredients, equipment, tips, and even garnish and decoration ideas, Smoothie Heaven is an essential for all smoothie lovers and the health conscious.

More than just a breakfast beverage, having smoothies is a delicious way to get that essential dose of nutrients and drink your way to better health, especially those with a sweet tooth.

As advised in this smoothie bible, the natural sweetness of the fruits in smoothies should be sufficient for most. If not, you may sweeten it further with honey or maple syrup. On the other hand, if the smoothie is too sweet for your liking, you may add some lime or lemon juice.

On top of its natural sweetness, unlike fruit juices, smoothies are thicker and more nutritious – they retain the pulp of fruits or vegetables they are juiced from – and may also include added juices, milk or yoghurt. A simple but smart tip in the book include making ice cubes from milk to prevent the diluting effect of water.

Also, the book enlightens smoothie lovers on how to perfect their smoothie-making skills. Always wondered why your smoothie looks curdled after a while? That is due to the reaction of a protein found in cow's milk called casein and can be avoided by not using dairy products or replacing it with soya milk.

Now, get the book and prepare your taste buds for a sweet adventure as you mix and match your favourite fruits, or choose from the many different smoothie categories, which include "Eternal Smoothies", "Smoothies for Cherubs", "Breakfast Smoothies", "Smoothie Snacks", "Dessert Smoothies", "Workout Smoothies", "Healing Smoothies", "Summer Smoothies", "Rejoicing Smoothies", "Global Smoothies" and "Garnishes and Decorations".

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