The Wedding Girl


Madeleine Wickham – more commonly known as celebrated chick-lit author, Sophie Kinsella – delivers a winsome tale with realistic characters and titillating twists in her novel, The Wedding Girl.

Kind and sweet-natured Milly is about to marry into one of the wealthiest families with a husband who clearly adores her. But days before the fairytale-like wedding, a long forgotten secret resurfaces and stands in her way to happily ever after. 


The predicament: Ten years ago, then young and ignorant Milly married a gay friend, Allan, as a favour so he could stay in Britain with his partner, Rupert. And for no good reason, she conveniently forgets to get divorced and loses contact with the couple. So when Alexander, a witness of her previous marriage, appears as her wedding photographer, she is given a nasty jolt to reality and scurries off to tie up the loose strings of the past right before her big day.  

Here enters several interesting characters such as Milly's sensible sister who uncharacteristically got herself pregnant by her boyfriend, her materialistic mother with her own marriage on the rocks, her perfectionist of a husband Simon, as well as fundamentalist Christian Rupert who does not want to be reminded of his gay past. To Wickham's credit, these genuine and colourful supporting characters were given enough stage time for readers to care for what happens to them.

However, fans of Sophie Kinsella's books, which are more flighty and fun, should be warned that books written under the Wickham name take on a slightly more serious approach. And unmentioned in the book flap, she tackles several of life's toughest issues all at once.

Nonetheless, while I may not agree with some of daring takes of society's issues such as pregnancy and homosexuality, they were given thoughtful and honest treatment in this novel. I, for one, was pretty glad find one of my favourite writers not just all about fluff and frills.

To summarise, most would prefer Kinsella novels but The Wedding Girl is still worth a try by the author's fans and could be a quick, light read for others.

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