Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior

Does paying $204 for a twenty dollar bill sound ridiculous to you? While we may scoff at such an act now, Ori and Rom Brafman show how our logical judgements can be clouded when faced with certain circumstances thus leading us to completely irrational behaviour that makes no sense to an outsider.

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Serious Men

Journalist Manu Joseph takes readers onto the streets of Mumbai with his book 'Serious Men' through the eyes of witty commoner, Ayyan Mani.

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Comedy Nights @Beerfest Asia 2011

Few things in life may be more relaxing than laughter after beers. This June, Beerfest Asia 2011 and The Comedy Club Singapore team up just to do that, promising Singaporeans a great night out.

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Resumes! Resumes! Resumes!

Ever wonder why you don't even get the chance to interview? Well, it could be that your skill sets do not fit the requirements of the job… it could also be that your resume is not doing its job of highlighting your suitability to the hiring managers. The third edition of 'Resumes! Resumes! Resumes!: Top Career Experts Show You the Job-landing Resumes That Sold Them' aims to help individuals tackle just this problem and open doors to interviews.

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What the Dog Saw

From the trivial to the monumental, Malcolm Gladwell takes a magnifying glass to look behind the machinations of some of our 21st century phenomena, bringing up seemingly the unrelated topics of ketchup, dog taming, and economic disasters along the way.

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