Evolutionary Work

Patricia DiVecchio is the chief visionary officer of International Purpose with over two decades of coaching individuals and organisations in achieving greater heights at work and life. In this book, she translates her coaching experience into words for readers.

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A New Attitude

In life, there are bound to be setbacks and failures, but it is how we manage them, our attitude towards them that would determine the outcome.

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What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job?

What Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job? by Cynthia Shapiro succinctly sums up the big question in every jobseeker's mind and attempts to answer it.

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In today’s crowded marketplace of products and services, learning how to enchant your audience and turning them into staunch supporters of your cause could be the difference between success and failure. Guy Kawasaki, business guru and former Apple marketer, shares in his book how you can charm people and create the same following that led Apple to success.

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To the Max

In the increasingly competitive world of business, revenue leakage could just be the downfall of your business or the reason why it is obstructed from doing better. Here, To the Max | Revenue Maximization: Capturing the Opportunities Within by Randy Browning and Sameer Kumar guides you to putting a stop to revenue leakage as well as maximising it.

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