Safe Haven

Safe_HavenTo love again, you must learn to trust. But how does one do so when burdened by a past so scarred it has one running away all across the country to the peaceful haven of Southport? Nicholas Sparks' latest novel Safe Haven relates this.

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The One-Week Job Project

Like many fresh graduates, author Sean Aiken questioned himself on where his future lies upon graduation. But rather than settling on the first, second or third job, he goes further and tries out 52 jobs in a year. In The One-Week Job Project, he shares the insights gleaned in this journey.

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The Happiness Project

Happiness-ProjectAlways wondered how to attain happiness or you just want to make yourself happier? Check out The Happiness Project by US-based writer Gretchen Rubin, who spent a year dedicated to testing different happiness theories, both old-time folklore as well as scientific research, in the pursuit of happiness.

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SMTown Live World Tour III

On 23 November 2012, K-pop fans will be going wild for the hugely popular Korean groups under S.M.Entertainment will be gathered together at SMTOWN Live World Tour III right here in Singapore at the Marina Bay floating platform. 

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The Casual Vacancy

Will the real world painted by acclaimed Harry Potter writer, J. K. Rowling, be as fascinating as the magical one? Let's see...

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