Now, where's the cheapest place to shop at Ion Orchard? Right at the basement of the mall often associated with luxury brands as you ascend the levels, you will find the answer in 100-yen shop Daiso.

In recent years, Japan's own Walmart, Daiso, has rapidly grown its presence in Singapore with seven outlets – in Singapore IMM, Plaza Singapura, VivoCity, Sembawang Shopping Centre, Rivervale Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza and finally in Ion Orchard – as well as have them conveniently spread throughout our little island.

The 100-yen shops, or in Singapore's case, $2 shops, offer such great variety of products, from tidbits to washing powder to furniture, that you could almost find everything at $2 within the shop – just like an ultra-cheap supermarket.

Wonder how Daiso keeps its prices so low? With more than 2,500 shops in Japan and over 500 around the world, the one-coin shop follows a business model similar to that of Walmart's. That is, bulk purchases at high volume in return for its low prices.

Don't scoff at its prices or immediately discredit the quality of Daiso's products. While the quality's not there for every single product, there are quite a number of great, innovative  – and random – finds in there such as their adorable plates and mugs, spray bottles for travel and even an USB iPhone charger. Yes, an iPhone charger at $2! The baking section is also one area frequented by housewives and young bakers alike, being well-equipped with many cute ornaments and tools.

In all, Daiso is a fun place to shop aimlessly without busting your budget, though you might just add a couple of unneeded items to your room as a result of the trip or even form a Daiso addiction.

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