At FARM, you may find cool and meaningful heritage products by local artists and designers, commissioned by the Singapore Arts Museum (SAM).

Every one product found there is thoughtfully conceptualised and crafted, but what makes them stand out is that they each feature an element that Singaporeans would identify with. FARM products include homeware, games, prints, stationery and wearables among others.

One of our favourites include pins fashioned after Singapore's iconic old school mosaic playgrounds, which brings back memories of us scraping our knees against the shiny smooth tiles and the slightly wet sand beneath our feet.


We also thought reusable shopping bag, Merlion Shopper, is wittily useful. Besides being environmentally friendly, the bag can be folded the old school way with 14 printed folds lines to guide users featured – just how mummy taught us to.

FARM products, great as gifts for friends visiting your home country, can be found at the Singapore Art Museum as well as online. What's more, there is free shipping all over Singapore!

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